“There are no more movie stars”: Jennifer Aniston misses the past and the time when there were no social networks

A few decades have passed since a pizpireta Jennifer Aniston dance in a fountain with his friends to the rhythm of The Rembrandts. Along the way there have been painful separations, movies, series and the current perception that at 53 he has a mix of homesickness, bad blood and no mince on his tongue. The fabulous profile that the magazine has made Allure let us a few perfect pearls to meet one of the latest Hollywood stars.

Instagram out, bad vibes out

Jennifer Aniston can’t stand social mediawhich seems strange, because it is in Instagramjust like the rest of his teammates. He opened one of his in 2019 with a photo of him in which he appeared with his classmates. friends to promote a product line that never made it into production, and now she’s stuck with a world of social media that she’s forced to use without enjoying it at all. “It’s torture,” he says. And that is not on Twitter.

During the interview, Danielle Pergament, the journalist, confesses what a friend said about her: “It’s like a silent movie star among a generation of TikTok shits”. Aniston gets excited and even has goosebumps when she hears it.


I’m a bit suffocated. I feel like she is dying. There are no movie stars anymore. There is no glamor anymore. Even Oscar parties used to be fun…

Then he goes on to comment that there was a moment in her career when she wanted to get pregnant and he did not succeed (against popular belief), and the consequent media crush: “The narrative said that I was selfish, that I only cared about my career. And may God forgive a woman who is successful and does not have a child.. And the reason why my husband left me, why we broke up and ended our marriage, was because he didn’t give her a child. All lies. I have nothing to hide at this point.”

During the interview, one seems to be reading a completely renewed woman, sure of herself, without wanting to appear what she is not, including perhaps a little excessive rage towards modern society. “I don’t know why ‘Friends’ still resonates: there are no iPhones. They’re just people talking to each other. No one talks to anyone anymore.” But it is clear that this Jennifer Aniston, who has just finished shooting the new season of ‘The morning show’She is very sure of who she is.

-If you were writing the story of your life, what would you call this chapter?

-The rebirth of the Phoenix.

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“There are no more movie stars”: Jennifer Aniston misses the past and the time when there were no social networks