June 9, 2021

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The youthful mistake that still embarrasses Alejandro Fernández (and the reason he doesn’t make films)

1623275551 The youthful mistake that still embarrasses Alejandro Fernandez and the

There is a compelling reason why Alejandro Fernández does not film movies, as did his father (who complemented his musical career with appearances in successful films such as ‘La ley del monte’, ‘El arracadas’, ‘El son del pueblo’ and ‘Como México no hay dos’, among several others).

After the resounding public and critical disaster that was the much commented ‘Zapata’, from 2004, directed by the (now known) overrated Alfonso Arau, “Foaly” decided that the camera was not his thing and since then he has not made a movie again, because he knows he is not an actor and does not want to return. to be ashamed …. at least not that way.

The father and son duo of Mexican singers Vicente (R) and Alejandro Fernandez, answer questions during a press conference in Bogota, June 10, 2003, Alejandro and Vicente Fernandez are on tour in Colombia. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz DM/GAC

Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez (REUTERS / Daniel Muñoz)

In fact, it took a long time for Fernández to accept Arau’s invitation. because I had a bad experience that I preferred to forget – and that in fact even today he does not like to be remembered – a 1990 film called ‘My dear old man’ in which he appeared for the first (and only) time with his father in cinema, and for which he had no preparation and it showed. A lot of.

At that time, prior to the launch of Fernández as a singer, I was 19 years old and already had a contract with Sony Music to record, his father was infatuated with taking him as a co-star in what would be his 34th film – and until today the last – of his career and being a producer of it, He imposed it on Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, his head director (who almost never objected) and in this way, Alejandro went on to take the role of ‘Rafael Cortés’, for which they had been considered Eduardo Capetillo, Alejandro Ibarra Y Pedro Fernandez, Who they did have experience as actors.

The plot of the film is quite pedestrian and routine. Vicente Fernández, playing a variation of himself – The only thing he really knew how to do on a histrionic level – is ‘Luis Fuentes’ a famous Mexican vernacular singer that he marries María Luisa (Julieta Rosen), a refined woman of the highest lineage, whom he divorces after having a child, to dedicate himself to his career that “keeps him closer to the people”; she, bitter and spiteful (because she is not “from the people”) educates her son in the best schools and gives him all the luxuries, but instills in him that his father preferred the stage and touring than raising him and that he does not want him.

Obviously, the child grows up to be Alejandro Fernández, his encounters with his father are harsh and the boy, very petulant, despises him – in the film these moments are, instead of dramatic, a luxury of involuntary humor: Alejandro offers a performance so affected that it is ridiculous: the voice, the pose, the gestures, everything is exaggerated (besides the fact that It is the only document in which Alexander’s real nose appears., since he had a rhinoplasty by the time his first album came out. He changed it because he did not like it, not because she was injured by snorting coca, as legend has it).

However, the boy also has a passion for vernacular music, and when his father is seriously ill, he defies his uptight mother and sings with him and everyone is happy. Well, the mother does not, but she has a lot of money and nice clothes, so that makes up for it, that her son goes on a permanent tour with his father, to whom he sings a version of the Mexican regional style the famous ballad of the Italian-Argentine singer Piero, entitled “My old man”, which as if that were not enough, is one of the songs most popular for father’s day.

The movie was never released on Home Media and it is rare that it appears on pay television, and Alejandro has preferred that it be so, ashamed of his youthful mistake, which was finally a whim of his famous father, and that did not contribute anything to his career musical, but its existence is undeniable and Whoever wants to see it, digging a bit on the Internet, can satisfy their curiosity and have a good laugh at the inexperienced actor’s expense.

Not surprisingly, the saying goes: “shoemaker to your shoes” and Alejandro Fernández knew how to apply it, keeping that part of his past well away, and better dedicating himself to his, which is singing.


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