The worst movies of 2021

It was the turn of the worst films of 2021. We know that it was the year of the great productions that achieved the feat of restoring its vitality to the Industry. It was a battle against fear and the precariousness of the mandatory stoppage of the pandemic. Also in a way to revitalize the cinema in theaters. It was a tough and complicated route, which nevertheless yielded the expected results. But he also made mistakes

As if that weren’t enough, the cinema too had to face streaming and its variety of options. But in one way or another, both views on the cinematographic experience managed to complement each other. The experience in theaters was combined with that of the multiscreen, until something new was created. For better or worse, 2021 was the year of simultaneous premieres, new visions about the future of actors and talent. Also, the one that cemented the future agreements on the Industry as two parts of the same thing.

But among such changes, there were stumbles. The worst movies of 2021 came in the forms of puzzling experiments. Some laughable, others regrettable, in some cases unfounded disappointments. From sequels that disconcerted by losing the opportunity to expand stories to premises without incentives. In the end, the cinema also proved that in his attempt to advance to new places, he lost the north. A circumstance that left several of the worst productions of the year that we leave you here:

Red alert

The most expensive Netflix movie ever produced is also a nonsense for its hefty budget. And it deserves to be on our list of the worst movies of 2021. With an all-star cast, international locations, and lavish staging, the investment failed to pay its huge script flaws.

From unlikely plot twists, flat performances to a flawed sense of humor. It all combined for mediocre large-scale production. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems uncomfortable and grumpy for most of the film. For her part, Gal Gadot creates a strange stereotype of the Fatal Woman with more emphasis on her charm than her talent. But the worst part is carried away Ryan Reynolds, who wastes his charisma on boring jokes.

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The worst movies of 2021