‘The Whale’: Where you can see the award-winning Brendan Fraser’s film

    When it premieres The Whale (The whale), the film that has earned Brendan Fraser two separate awards in the Best Actor category at the Critic’s Choice Awards and the Toronto International Film Festival? The film opens in theaters on January 27 and depending on how it behaves at festivals, it could take more or less to reach the first streaming platform, but the most reasonable thing is that it arrives at the end of March, beginning of April if it behaves like the rest of the films in the A24 catalogue. I say could because a month and a half after the Oscars (March 12), it is difficult to see that the film lasts long enough in theaters. If the film wins an Oscar (basically, if Brendan Fraser wins Best Actor), it would still have three weeks to scratch something in theaters. Where I can see The Whale free streaming? The answer to your question is simple: on Movistar Plus around March 31, if the two-month period for A24 films between theatrical release and the jump to platforms follows. This streaming platform is going to be the first destination for Brendan Fraser’s film. In fact, it is the usual open-air destination with a subscription for the films that come out of the A24 studio, except for co-productions (which is another matter entirely). What it still does not have is an official release date on the platform, although its destination has been confirmed by Movistar itself (this time it is not our speculation). And the explanation for why there is no announced file is simple: first it has to be released in theaters! It opens in theaters on January 27. The Whaleand you must give patience to people who want to enjoy the movie in theaters.

    In what time will it arrive at Movistar? The proximity of the Oscars might make one think that it could last longer in theaters than films that do not fall into the blockbuster category are usually enduring, but a month and a half is a long time, as we told you. Our best bet is March 31, following the two-month deadline A24 is giving its films before they go streaming. This is what he has recently done, for example, with Everything at once everywhere. Although it can also happen that given the competition in theaters (February 17 already lands on screens Ant-Man: Quantumania), he is more interested in arriving at Movistar earlier and offering himself as the great premiere of that weekend or the one after to attract an audience if he is not going to be able to amortize the cinemas. The time it will take to get to Movistar will be directly proportional to its chances at the Oscars. But we still have to wait to see what the film does at the SAG Awards and the BAFTAs, the best yardstick to know what chances an actor has of winning a statuette, before saving our crystal ball. All this reflection comes from the fact that the Oscars are solely and exclusively a marketing claim, let’s see what you thought.

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    When does The Whale arrive on digital platforms?

    The film, in addition to being free with a Movistar subscription, will also be available for rent and digital purchase on the streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Filmin, Microsoft Store and Google Play for a price that we understand will range between 3 .95 euros (rent) and 9.99 euros (purchase) in a similar period. And when is it released? The Whale free on HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Filmin and Apple TV with a subscription… for those who don’t have Movistar and don’t want to rent or buy? If that is your case, you are going to have to wait with your arms crossed. Think that A24 does not have its own streaming platform (it is true that in the United States, A24 maintains an agreement with the streaming platform Showtime, but it does not apply outside of North America), unlike studios such as Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros or Disney. Thus, A24 products behave differently. If they are co-productions, generally with streaming platforms, the thing is clear. If not, the first destination in Spain is Movistar, where it will remain in its catalog for at least three months. This is what has happened, for example, to Everything at once everywhere. The next platform for these movies varies, though HBO is usually the first choice (I’m thinking Minari), although it is also true that some films reach Amazon Prime Video earlier, as has happened with midsummer either Lady Birdrespectively (Lady Bird It has also gone through Netflix in Spain).

    The whale (The Whale) has grossed $11.1 million at the box office since its premiere on December 9, 2022. Despite opening at the second-worst weekend box office in the United States, it managed to break an annual record: it managed to gross $60,000 per theater .

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‘The Whale’: Where you can see the award-winning Brendan Fraser’s film