‘The Whale’: Here you can see the Brendan Fraser film

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Surely you also remember the movies of Brendan Fraser and his way of acting in the nineties, so you should know that he returned with one of the most applauded films at different film festivals.

On the other hand, you should also know that it is one of the films that is positioning itself for the Oscar Awards 2023, although, until now, The actor has already won the Best Actor award at the Critics Choice, so everything seems to indicate that he could be the recipient of the statuette in the awards season.

brendan fraser he withdrew almost a decade from the spotlight due to problems with depression.

When does The Whale premiere in Mexico?

And although many people have already seen this film, in Mexico we still cannot see it in the most commercial movie theaters since its premiere will still be in a few more weeks.

To be more exact, the film ‘The Whale’ will be released on February 9or in commercial cinemas as well as some others such as the Cineteca Nacional.

However, so far we can not see the performance of Brendan Fraser at your favorite movie theater andto top it off, it is not available so far on any streaming platform either.

‘The Whale’ will arrive in Mexico after almost two months of having been officially released in the United States.

What is ‘The Whale’ about?

The new movie of Brendan Fraser, ‘The Whale’, It focuses on the physical and mental problems caused by his weight problem for the protagonist.

So he will focus on reconnecting with his teenage daughter to be able to redeem himself as a father after some absence problems, also, as we can see in el trailer, Brendan Fraser manages to move the audience with his lines and his way of interpreting Charlie.

‘The Whale’ is one of the most anticipated films by Mexicans, remember to buy your tickets for the pNext February 9 see it in theaters.


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‘The Whale’: Here you can see the Brendan Fraser film