The upper class of Mexico abhorred and condemned this film that later became a jewel of national cinema.

At the end of the 1950s in the Mexico City triumphed a now extinct cinema that it was called Cine México, which was located in the Roma neighborhood, where the film was first seen “The forgotten”, by director Luis Buñuel. This film was only three days on the billboard, this because the press and the upper class were crazy, they wanted to lynch the Spanish filmmaker due to this controversial film.

The premiere of “The forgotten” did not even attend Bunuelbecause he already knew the controversy that his film was going to generate, this because it was a film that crudely represented poverty in Mexicofor which the Spanish filmmaker was asked to leave the country, this because his film made the economic inequality in the country evident.

The panorama in Mexico when the film was released

in the middle of the years FourtyMexico City suffered from the extremes of a modernity that sharply marked the division between two social classes, those who possessed wealth and those who lived from day to day, a situation that the national cinema of that time was determined to document.

Scene from the movie “The Forgotten”. Photo: Special

Extra earnings for entrepreneurs and politicians in relation to foreign investments were evident, in turn, government corruption and the proliferation of nouveaux riches widened the gap Social and the number of people considered to be middle class was expanding more and more.

To the lavish mansions located in the Lomas de Chapultepec, areas such as the Candlemas de los Patos and countless irregular settlements that made up the famous lost cities on the shores of the then DF

What was the movie about?

The plot of this movie takes us through the poorest neighborhoods of Mexico City, where street children are seen as a plague for the upper echelons of society. The main character of the story is Jaiboplayed by Roberto Cobo, a teenager who escapes from a correctional facility to meet Pedro, played by Alfonso Mejía.

In his presence, Jaibo kills Julianthe boy who supposedly betrayed him and later the situations in his life become more and more complex, mainly due to the lack of money, so he begins to steal from people that they cannot defend themselves, like blind people, this is how the destiny of Jaibo and Pedro are marked by death and pain after poverty.



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The upper class of Mexico abhorred and condemned this film that later became a jewel of national cinema.