The Thanos actor was going to the bathroom… with the Gauntlet on!

Josh Brolin, who brought Thanos to life in Infinity War and Endgame, went to the bathroom during filming… and took the Infinity Gauntlet!

During his appearance on the podcast phasezerothe prop master of Marvel Studios, Russell Bobbitttalked about life-size replicas of the Infinity Gauntlet. These were made for the film set of Avengers: Infinity War. A miniature of the glove that carried the Infinity Gems what did you use Thanos. The miniature served Josh Brolin to use the object during the filming of the great movie MCU Phase 3. A movie that forever changed cinema of superheroes.

But how often did he use the miniature Infinity Gauntlet on the set of Avengers: Infinity War? As reported by Russell Bobbitt, it was used for pretty much everything Thanos to do with. “We used every single shot that the glove was involved in. We used it as a lighting reference,” said the Marvel Studios prop master. «This facilitated the post-production work, which had to model and reconstruct it. It weighed 35 books and was made of brass and copper. It was forged by a blacksmith. We are very proud of him. Also, it houses all the Infinity Stones.”

He didn’t take it off at any point during the shoot!

As for Josh Brolin himself, the actor who brought Thanos to life in Avengers: Infinity WarRussell Bobbitt told a very funny anecdote. The Hollywood star used it all the time on the set. She used it so much that she even went to the bathroom with it.

“Josh Brolin really wanted to be able to interact with the character all the time,” explained the prop master of Avengers: Infinity War. “That’s why we made a miniature version. He used it throughout the day. He didn’t want to take off Thanos’ Gauntlet. Once he had it on, even between takes and even when he went to the bathroom or to the craft service table, wherever, he would have it on. All day”.

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The Thanos actor was going to the bathroom… with the Gauntlet on!