The terrifying hidden message in a ‘Cantinflas’ movie that will blow your mind

Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyesbetter known as ‘Cantinflas‘, was a Mexican actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian, who enjoyed great success in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The iconic actor of international stature, he made his character emblematic of Cantinflas, which became a benchmark of the culture of our country and allowed him to establish a long and fruitful film career. This includes the movieI am a fugitive‘, which has been linked to an urban legend, for hiding a message secret.

This April 20 marks the 29th anniversary of the death of Mario Moreno, of which it is said that he was a very different person from what he showed on the screen. Those who knew him say that while in the movies ‘Cantinflas‘ was someone who made everyone laugh, as soon as they said cut, he was reserved, cold and even hostile, arrogant and even sinister. Just as mystery surrounds the actor, so does he with one of his tapes. That is why, next, we tell you the terrifying message hidden in ‘I am a fugitive‘.

The terrifying hidden message in the movie ‘I am a fugitive’ from ‘Cantinflas’

could you believe that Cantinflas and SpongeBob are related? Here we explain how.

I am a fugitive‘ is a 1946 film, directed and written by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Mario Moreno Cantinflas‘, which follows the story of two maintenance employees of a bank in a small town, who, after finding the door of the establishment open, the guard unconscious upon arriving at work and hearing a loud explosion, are arrested by the police as suspects of the event. They manage to escape from jail to search for the real thieves.

Beyond its plot, in this movie a scene is presented that hides a message secretwhich explains what atoms are and refers to one of today’s most famous urban legends: The origin of the 1999 Nickelodeon animated series, ‘SpongeBob’.

With the characteristic way of speaking of ‘Cantinflas‘, who talks a lot but says little, asks his partner Carmelo if he has been present at the Bikini test, an island full of plants and animals where they dropped a bomb, as part of the nuclear tests carried out from 1946 to 1958, which consisted of 23 detonations on the same reef, in the sea, in the air and under water.

It is said that the creator of ‘SpongeBob’, Stephen Hillenburg, took this fact as his inspiration to create the famous cartoon and that this experiment was very radioactive and had repercussions on the people and animals that stayed near the island, such as mutations ; which would be the foundation behind which the marine characters can speak and present human behaviors.

The movie from ‘Cantinflas‘, ‘I am a fugitive‘, and the nuclear tests on Bikini Island were carried out in 1946, and with these lines of dialogue not only would both things be connected, but what happened to the animal victims of this experiment would be revealed. It may sound crazy, but the relationship between the famous Mexican actor and SpongeBob is logical.

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The terrifying hidden message in a ‘Cantinflas’ movie that will blow your mind