‘The Suicide Squad’ becomes DC’s biggest hit on HBO Max

Maybe Suicide squad it has not triumphed at the international box office as initially expected. However, and according to the data it provides Samba TV, its performance is being more than acceptable on HBO Max. An analysis of the aforementioned firm places the new from James Gunn What the most successful DC premiere in the short history of the service.

Remember that Suicide squad hit HBO Max and theaters simultaneously. This controversial decision, which was announced during 2020, aims to face the damage caused by the pandemic to the movie industry. Theaters have not yet resumed 100% operations in much of the world, so offering the film via streaming was a lifesaver to offset the losses at the box office.

Thus, the analysis of Samba TV shows that Suicide squad attracted a audience of 4.7 million viewers during the first 18 days of availability. With that figure they surpassed the other two major DC productions. That is to say, Wonder Woman 1984, which has the second place with 3.9 million viewers, while the Snyder Cut from League of Justice it ranks third with 3.2 million viewers.

It is important to mention that these figures pertain only to the US audience. However, being the largest market for HBO Max today, the positions surely do not vary much in Latin America. Recall that HBO Max is not yet available in Europe, so the old continent market only had the legal option to enjoy Suicide squad through the cinema.

Mortal Kombat surpasses Suicide squad

Yes, though Suicide squad It can already boast of being the most successful DC film on HBO Max, it is not the first place in the general table of the platform. That position belongs to Mortal Kombat, the film based on the successful video game franchise, with 5.5 million viewers within the same period. Follow him Godzilla vs. Kong with 5.1 million. Obviously, we have to add the numbers for Latin America, which we hope to know soon.