The Spider-Man universe will now also have TV series

Comic image of Silk, part of the new connected universe of Spider-Man

Image: marvel comics

The Spider-Man cinematic universe continues to grow. No, I’m not referring to the Marvel universe led by the Avengersbut to the one known as “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe”, which will now receive several television series, starting with Silk: Spider Society.

Amazon has ordered not one but several series based on the Marvel comic book characters that are under Sony’s ownership for film and television adaptations. Let’s remember that movies like Venom, Morbius and even the Spider-Man movies themselves are actually owned by Sony Pictures, not Marvel Studios, even though Peter Parker appears in the movies. mcu movies (it is an agreement between Sony and Marvel). Sony wants to expand its own spider universe, and these Amazon series are a very important step towards it.

The series that Amazon has ordered are live actionthat is to say, with flesh and blood actors, and for now there is no talk of new animated projects, beyond those that Sony is developing for the saga Into the Spider-Verse. The first of these series live action from Sony and Marvel will be Silk: Spider Societyand will be in charge of Angela Kang, executive producer of the walking deadalong with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, producers of Into the Spider-Verse.

Silk: Spider Society focuses on Cindy Moon, a Korean girl-american cWith spider powers that in the comics he obtains his powers by visiting the same laboratory as Peter Parker where he is bitten by the radioactive spider, and the same spider that bit Peter on the hand, after falling to the ground, bit Cindy on the ankle before to die. Yeah, seriously, that’s just how comics are sometimes. However, Cindy spent years locked in a bunker for “his protection from her” and when she gets out, well, things happen and Spider-Man is involved in a lot of them.

We’ll have to wait and see how this series, which will premiere sometime in the future on Amazon’s Prime Video service, develops its story. The theme or characters that we will see in the rest of Amazon and Sony’s arachnid projects are unknown. [via[viaVariety]

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The Spider-Man universe will now also have TV series