The “Soy Tu Fan” movie will finally arrive after years of waiting

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After more than 10 years “Soy Tu Fan” returns with a moviestarring Ana Claudia Talancon and Martin Altomaro, to tell the followers what happened between Nick and Charlie.

This July 19 surprised the first preview of the film released by Cinépolis through its social networks, assuring that more details will be released soon like the release date.

“I bring you a super EXCLUSIVE from Cinépolis: #SoyTuFan #LaPelícula is coming! We will finally find out what happened to Charlie and Nico.”

In 2011 it was the last broadcast of this Mexican youth series that captivated almost an entire generation; later there were some retransmissions and suspicions that a third season would be made or a movie to wrap up loose ends, but no content had been released.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Although the premiere date has not been announced, it is certain that it will arrive in theaters in 2022 so that fans come with popcorn and soft drinks to see the outcome of the romances.

in advance Nothing can be guessed yet about what will be seen in the cinema, since only the characters appear in different cars singing parts of the song “Fan” performed by Emmanuel Horvilleur.

As expected, the Cinépolis announcement caused various reactions among social network users, most of whom celebrated that finally, After more than 10 years of waiting, you will be able to see the new “Soy Tu Fan”.

“It’s time for a Soy tu fan marathon to get to the movie we’ve been waiting for years with everything”; “I’m your fan: The movie is what I didn’t know I needed but I urgently need”; “Weeeey the Soy tu fan movie is going to come out, what a fucking emotion!” were some of the comments.

The photo that sparked speculation of a third season of "I'm your fan"
The photo that sparked speculation of a third season of “I’m your fan”

It must be remembered that last year some photographs of Ana Claudia Talancón with Martín Altomarowhich raised suspicions of a third season, however, it was about the filming of the movie.

And it is that not only Altomaro and Ana Claudia met again. In one of the images of the actress, Verónica Langer, Juan Pablo Medina and Johana Murillo could be seen, who were also part of the cast of the successful Canal Once series, which premiered in 2010.

Coming soon” It was the only thing that Talancón wrote at that time to accompany the image, which sparked speculation among his followers.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

The series debuted in Channel Eleven on April 28, 2010. It was the Mexican adaptation of the Argentine production of the same name, made by Dolores Fonzi and Constanza Novick.

The story began with Charlie plunged into a depression due to the end of her three-year relationship with Julián; In the middle of her recovery process, the young woman met Nico, who tried to win her love.

In addition to the main couple, the series showed the conflicts between the friends of Charlie, Fer and Rocío, of Nico’s circle and even of the protagonist’s parents, although everything always with a touch of comedy.

The series achieved audience records never before seen on public television in Mexico and thanks to its success a second season was made, which premiered on October 19, 2011.


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The “Soy Tu Fan” movie will finally arrive after years of waiting