The Sole Survivor Story of Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

The victim should be 63 years old. We tell you the story and the escape of the only survivor of Jeffrey Dahmer, the cannibal.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is the series of the moment Netflix. It achieved great popularity and is the subject of conversation everywhere and on social networks. It tells the story of the “Milwaukee cannibal”, a man who murdered and dismembered 17 people. For this, he was sentenced to 15 life sentences.

However, the number of victims could be higher were it not for Tracy Edwardsthe only survivor who was able to escape from Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey had invited Edwards (32 years old) to pose naked in front of his camera for money, he had accepted and the two were together in the house of terror. But, the plan devised by the murderer was frustrated. When Tracy enters the apartment, she is struck by the smell of the place: acid. When she asked Dahmer, he told her that she used it to clean the house; but Edwards was not convinced.

Dahmer threatened him and pointed a knife at him to pose naked and left him in chains for five hours. After watching “The Exorcist”, with his head resting on the killer’s chest, he asks her to go to the bathroom. This was the moment when he was able to survive. There, Tracy beat him up and fled. She was met by a patrol of police officers who returned to the apartment and handcuffed Jeffrey.

Currently, it is not known what happened to the victim. As of today, she should be 63 years old. It is said that Tracy was homeless and that she went through different shelters and arrests for drug possession, robbery, property damage and for not paying her child support. The new york post He pointed it out, in 2011, as one of those accused of a homicide. The witness who called the police about this event convicted him, and Edwards was arrested and sentenced to a year and a half in prison and two years of court supervision.

After that situation, the trace of the only victim who survived the Jeffrey murders was lost.

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The Sole Survivor Story of Killer Jeffrey Dahmer