“The simulators” return “with an incredible movie”, announced Paramount +

The film about the iconic Argentine series will be released in 2024. (Paramount +)

Just an hour after the tweet was published, the news became a trend: “They are back. come back The Simulatorss with an incredible film”, announced Paramount+ in its official account for Latin America.

The beloved and award-winning series that originally aired in Argentina 20 years ago, and generated remakes in Mexico, Spain, Chile and Russia, among other countries, will have its film version that will hit theaters, and then the streaming platform. who spread the news, in 2024.

Mario Santos (Federico D’Elia) will deal with “logistics and planning” again, Emilio Ravena (Diego Peretti) of “characterization”, Gabriel Medina (Martin Seefeld) of “research” and Pablo Lampone (Alexander Fiore) of “technique and mobility” to deal, after 24 episodes of the original series, with solving apparently insoluble problems through original “simulacrum operations”, as they call it.

Nothing is alien to the talent of The Simulators: convince someone that the man you want to separate from is the not plus ultragetting the owners of an overvalued property to sell it at the right price, getting someone to sign up for a bogus reality show in the jungle or getting a corrupt mayor to pay back a bribe. In all cases, they make an exhaustive analysis of the problem to generate solutions that combine theater and psychology, as well as law and statistics.

The original quartet will reunite to solve more intractable problems in ways that are as scientific as they are crazy.
The original quartet will reunite to solve more intractable problems in ways that are as scientific as they are crazy.

Damian Szifron (wild tales), creator of the series, will be in charge of making and directing the film that will be released 20 years after the final broadcast of this title in its country of origin. “I am excited to reconnect with such beloved characters, with old fellow travelers returning to play them, and with such a loving and respectful audience that already includes several generations,” he said.

He added: “Hopefully we can deliver a film that retains the freshness of the original series, incorporates the maturity of accumulated experience and expresses some valuable idea with the power, beauty and cinematic quality that the opportunity deserves.”

Federico D'Elía will work again with the creator of "simulators"Damian Szifron.  (Paramount+)
Federico D’Elía will once again work with the creator of “The Simulators”, Damián Szifron. (Paramount+)

The history of this strange quartet of fixers began on March 21, 2002 on the Argentine channel Telefé: the partners became a kind of anonymous vigilantes (in the last episode Santos spoke of him and his partners as “a group of parallel justice”) who, on the border of the law, and often overstepping it, with equal quotas of grace and political incorrectness, function as an agency of desperate causes.

The film derived from this series that won the most important prize in Argentine television seven times, the Martín Fierro, will be produced by VIS (a division of Paramount that creates content for the Paramount+ platform) and K&S Films (which has already worked with Szifron in wild talesand also produced The clan and brave time)


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“The simulators” return “with an incredible movie”, announced Paramount +