The secret of Los Eternos that nobody has noticed

One of the great people in charge of the special effects of the movie The Eternals has revealed very interesting details.

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has added up to 10 new very interesting characters in the movie The Eternals. They are such a close-knit team that they act like a family, but it also highlights great action scenes that have stunning special effects.

Matt Aitken, special effects supervisor of The Eternals, has commented that there were two characters in The Eternals whose suits were entirely made by CGI. But not only when they entered battles, but all the time. Something surprising, because her look seems real.

“Thena, when she’s in her superhero outfit, it’s always completely CGI. She’s CGI from the neck down, because the costume design changed in post-production. In order for their bodily performance to have that iconic look, they chose Angelina Jolie for a reason. And part of that is that she has a way of moving that is almost like a dancer. “. Confirmó Matt Aitken.

“Making sure we honor that with the digital component of the performance, but capturing her face in particular is what I’m heading for here, getting that authenticity so we can do a half shot like a digi-double and it’s not going to be discordant for anyone. He’s not going to get them out of there. They’re just going to think, Oh, this is another fight beat for Thena.

Eros from Harry Styles is also almost CGI in its entirety.

There was a problem with Harry Styles because while they were shooting their movie scene from The Eternals, not even in Marvel Studios they knew the final look they wanted.

“Obviously we had digital doubles of all of them, but the only other one that completely changed was the mid-credits scene with Starfox… Eros’s costume was another redesign.” Matt Aitken concluded.

The movie of The Eternals can currently be seen in the who, while the rest of the deliveries of Marvel Studios can be enjoyed in Disney Plus streaming platform.

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The secret of Los Eternos that nobody has noticed