The ‘Secret Invasion’ twist that changes everything

secret invasion adapts a popular arc from the comics of Marvel according to which the alien race of the Skrulls They have infiltrated the Earth, and using their chameleon powers they have posed as characters that until now we thought we knew well. It is a very suggestive approach that the machinery of marvel universe wants to squeeze for his series of Disney+… but that few people are taking for granted. secret invasion It is the second least watched Marvel series streaming.

Situation that is aggravated by the required budget: up to 211 million of dollars that would make its audience failure even more painful, and would force Kevin Feige to change its policy regarding the MCU series as soon as possible. Beyond that we already have a few chapters of secret invasion, and his storyline has led to the kind of revelations we’ve been expecting: it turns out that someone who’s been with us for a long time is secretly a Skrull. Or a Skrull, rather.

The last episode concluded with the discovery that Sam Rhodes, ‘Rhodeyalso know as War machine and the best friend of Tony Stark, is actually a Skrull infiltrator. the character of Don Cheadle It forces us to wonder how long it has been happening, and the debate is served (by the discreet number of people who follow the series). Feige has clarified that it is just what they would want: speculation. “We like the idea of ​​fans going back to see other Rhodey appearances to realize it wasn’t him.”

“It’s fun to bring that in and know that in all those scenes with Rhodey… Rhodey was not who he appeared to be”, Cheadle says for his part. Fans are studying the previous chapters of the series to distinguish at what point Rhodey would have been replaced by the disguise of a Skrull. Everything indicates that in chapter 2 it was already happening, because there were those who were surprised that Cheadle’s character called Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) with the given name of “Nick”. Something that no one does among the Avengers.

But what if this came from before? A theory is spreading that Rhodey was replaced at some point between Avengers: Infinity War and the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In Infinity War appeared with a Stark prosthesis to help him walk after his accident in Captain America: Civil WarMeanwhile in Falcon… said prosthesis had disappeared. Another theory, more mocking, postulates that the change was given to us when Cheadle happened to replace Terence Howard as the character, between Hombre de Hierro and iron man 2.

Presumably the following chapters of secret invasion clarify a bit what has happened to the character, and if not surely it will be detailed in an upcoming film that Cheadle would star as Rhodey, Armor Wars. Should this movie end up in existence, of course, which based on the current state of Hollywood and Marvel is a lot to assume.

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The ‘Secret Invasion’ twist that changes everything