The second part of “Attack the Block” will hit theaters a decade later

There are films that, regardless of whether they work well or not in theaters, become cult pieces for a very select audience. Examples of this are Blade runner Y Life imprisonmentNot only did they not collect what was expected at the box office, they also made their studies lose money. Is not that Attack the Block have the cinematographic level of the works mentioned, on the other hand it turned out to be a work that was acquiring affection by the fans through “word of mouth” in the domestic market. The British Alien Movie cost 8 million pounds and raised half, a circumstance that does not seem to have been a maximum to produce 10 years later the second part of Attack the Block.

The truth is that its director, Joe Cornish it has been seen more in the field of writing than that of management. After the alien invasion in the underworld, the British led 8 years later The boy who could be king. A fantastic family story that (once again) was another economic bum on the billboard, raising just 30 million with a budget of almost 60. In the field of the script he has carried out a recent activity with a certain notoriety signing the history of The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn Y Ant-Mant.

The second part of Attack the Block
“Attack the Block” (Film4 Productions)

Just a few hours ago, both Boyega and Cornish confirmed the second part of Attack the Block. “A decade has passed since it was launched Attack the Block and a lot has changed since then (…) I’m excited to see that this story returns to the streets of London ”, said John Boyega, adding the love he has for the character played in the first installment: “Moses is still one of my favorite characters to play and bringing him back is a great honor.”. For his part, Cornish is also euphoric with this second part, “I am delighted that we are officially announcing our return to the world of Attack the Block on the 10th anniversary of the film’s release. I can’t wait to get back to work alongside John, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of downtown alien action, ”the director celebrated.

Despite the poor results of the first story, Boyega will be involved in the production of the sequel. Perhaps the stardom that the new Star Wars franchise has brought him will be an attraction that will prevent a new Cornish box office crash.