The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and the death of Rafaella Carrà, protagonists of the week in HOLA!

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The unexpected death of Raffaela Carrà at 78 years of age has undoubtedly been the most outstanding news in recent days for the magazine ¡HOLA !. This week, in addition, the great stars of the show paraded on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Bella Hadid, Jessica Chastain, Jodie Foster, Ester Exposito and Carla Bruni have been some of the protagonists of the first days of one of the most important film competitions in the world. Carmen Morales, meanwhile, announced her return to the stage after ten years of voluntary retirement. Would you like to know how his sister Shaila reacted to the news? The Duchess of Cambridge, who remains in quarantine due to contact with a Covid positive, demonstrated her culinary and mental skills at Wimbledon. Don’t miss the video! Do you want to see the reunion of Harry and William of England in the tribute to Diana of Wales? We have analyzed all the gestures of this transcendent event. The Kings of Holland, for their part, have resumed their travel schedule by visiting Germany. Do you want to see the original designs that Queen Máxima has worn? In the musical section, Manu Tenorio has released a new work: a tribute to the great composers and to melodic song. By last, Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca have inaugurated the new part of their mansion with a spectacular ‘Safari’ party. Hit play and don’t miss the – video.

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