The reasons why Gael García Bernal decided to refuse to work with Matt Damon on “Bourne”

File photo dated September 17, 2019, of the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, during a press conference in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/Mario Guzman

For more than a decade, Gael Garcia Bernal’se has managed to position himself as one of the most versatile actors on the national scene after his successful film career in Mexico and after his irruption in the Hollywood market.

In this context, youAfter his irruption in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) like jJack Russell in Werewolf By Nightthe first Halloween special in the entire history of the franchise, Bernal has managed to attract the attention of locals and strangers, including the international press and public opinion.

However, despite the great roles he has presented, the Mexican has also had the opportunity to decline important opportunities, just as he did with the iconic, Matt Damon in his saga of bourne that has remained for more than five years in the cinematographic scene with more than 6 films to his credit since 2002.

In an interview with well-known entertainment journalist, Gaby MezaBernal explained after an “investigation” that he had rejected the saga of bourne.

I’m doing something against my principles because I did mention it, as time has passed, there are other things, but it’s horrible to talk about what one didn’t do, it’s horrible… It’s like saying: ‘I played with Maradona, but I I injured from here, so I couldn’t’. He is ugly,” the 43-year-old actor began.

Later on, the interpreter who has participated in various Mexican melodramas such as Rude and Cursi (2008), Amores Perros (2000), And your mom too (2001) explained why he made the decision not to be part of the franchise headed by Matt Demon: “It was for reasons that have nothing to do with tastes; The truth is that I really like those movies, they are good”.

Rudo y Cursi was the tape where Gael García reached stardom in 2008 Photo: Tomatazos
Rudo y Cursi was the tape where Gael García reached stardom in 2008 Photo: Tomatazos

“It was a moment in my life where I didn’t understand myself in that dimension, I thought I was going to become hyper-famous, I thought about what people would think and that’s where I can openly say: ‘La cag*e’, because I thought about the others, in the judgment that they were going to have around me”, he added.

The Mexican screenwriter also emphasized that “at that time I was not ready”, since he was young and immature when it came to making decisions regarding the well-being of his career, however, that was in the past, since he has been able to recover from this type of own actions.

“It has been one of the most difficult decisions and it took me a lot of work to make it, and a few years later I would have said yes. (…) I never mentioned it because it made me feel bad, but now, we are going to return it to its place ”, concluded the avid friend of Diego Luna.

Gael Garcia hesitated to be an actor after debuting in
“Werewolf By Night”: Marvel’s Halloween special with Gael García (Photo: Marvel Studio)

With the arrival of the Multiverse at Marvel, Bernal is one of the serious candidates to continue giving life to his role as Jack Russell within the UCM, even more so because of the possibilities of being able to reunite him with midnight sons What Moon Knight, Morbius, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider or the most recently introduced to the UCM, Blade.

In the voice of the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, One of the future projects within the successful film company is to include supernatural entities, so with this decision, Bernal would be introduced to larger projects with Marvel.

“We’re introducing a world that will ultimately be very important to the future of the MCU. We wanted to explore completely new characters and completely new sides of the MCU with this unusual, fun and terrifying twist on the supernatural,” he stated in an interview with IGN.


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The reasons why Gael García Bernal decided to refuse to work with Matt Damon on “Bourne”