The reason why Eva Mendes left the cinema

It’s been eight years since it came to light ‘Lost River’the last movie in which he appeared Eve Mendes (coincidentally it was directed by her husband, Ryan Gosling), who had already shone on the big screen with other projects as ambitious as the saga of ‘Fast & Furious’having a vital role in ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’, where she plays Monica Fuentes, the girlfriend of a famous drug dealer.

Hollywood opened its doors to receive her, but she decided walk away from the world after 16 years between filming sets, which has recently brought to light a world of rumors about his figure and his current professional life. Some rumors that Eva Mendes herself wanted to end through a recent publication on her Instagram profile.

The actress has wanted to dedicate a post on her social network to make it clear why she has made the decisions she has made throughout her career, noting first that “I never quit acting”, and later confessing why she has stayed away: “I wanted to be home with my babies and luckily my other businesses allowed me to do that more than acting would.”.

Very stereotypical roles

But being with her family and doing well in her business was not the only thing that led her to momentarily stop her appearances on the big screen, but rather that the roles that she has been offered did not fit what she wanted either: “Besides , I wasn’t excited about the stereotypical roles I was being offered at the time. Especially after working on the movie ‘Lost River’, that was a dream project. It was kind of hard to go on”.

Later, Eva Mendes wanted to add that the reason for her post was to try to change the narrative that was held about her and her figure in the cinema, ending her comment with a phrase: “I never give up”.

And it is that in a previous interview granted to ‘The View’, the actress herself confessed her intention to act again, but limiting the projects in which he wants to appear: “I have a very short list of what I am going to do. I was open to everything before I had my daughters. I mean, as long as it was a fun project, but now I don’t want to do violence, I don’t want to do anything that has to do with sex. The list is short.”

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The reason why Eva Mendes left the cinema