The radical change of actor in ‘Alfalfa’: vow of poverty and ‘family monastery’

‘Little naughty’, or in its original name in English, ‘The little rascals’, is one of the most remembered films of the second half of the 20th century.

Released in 1994, it had one of the most beloved casts on American television during those years, because this it included great actors like Travis Tedford, Kevin-Jamal Woods, Ross Bagley and Brandon ‘Bug’ Hall.

The latter, who played the charismatic boy ‘Alfalfa Switzer’, managed to achieve success in the world of cinema thanks to this role; which meant a promising acting career for the then beginner.

However, his professional and private life has had a series of events that have meant obstacles to a growth that seemed quite promising; which led him to a state little thought for an actor with such media recognition.

What happened to ‘Alfalfa’?

After his stellar participation in ‘Little Naughties’, Bug Hall’s career had a slight growth, as he was assigned important roles in productions such as: ‘We are the worst’ (1995) and ‘The Stupid Family’ (1996).

However, his lifestyle was a very detrimental hindrance in his quest to fulfill his goals and objectives since he was a child.

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The actor confessed on his YouTube channel that he suffered from sexual abuse by his biological father; in addition to also being outraged during the filming of the famous feature film of the nineties.

Likewise, the actor published a tweet in 2021 assuring that he had also been abused in the Disney studios long ago.

“Most of the abuse I experienced was in the Disney movies. Does Disney have a child predator problem?” she sentenced. However, he managed to deal with his childhood traumas by having an outstanding career.

Despite this, the American pink press outlet ‘TMZ’ revealed in the year 2020 that the actor had an addiction to the inhalation of highly flammable substances (mainly spray paint).

Because of these rumors, the Weatherford (Texas) Police surprised the actor in a nearby hotel room, where they found the actor in the company of tons of cans of compressed air.

The authorities had received a call for help from a person of unknown identity, who was concerned about Bug’s physical and mental health, according to what the officer corps told the American entertainment media ‘Page Six’. Because of this, Hall was found guilty of possession and use of psychoactive substances.

Shortly after being released from prison, the actor took it upon himself to talk about everything that had happened in relation to his arrest; at the same time to talk a little about his childhood and the sexual abuse he received in his childhood.

Catholicism with a new air

In a second video posted on his official YouTube channel, the actor talks about his attachment to religion.

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The man recounted his home lifestyle, saying that he and his family are living on a farm, in addition to living the ‘vow of poverty’ (understood as detachment or dispossession by the believer of all temporal and give time and life to God, according to the Corazonista Brothers).

“It also means I don’t work for money. Everything I have done for others in the last year has been a donation of my time and skills. I live off the charity of others. Sometimes I help people and they donate, sometimes they don’t. Not knowing the money I’m going to have means I learn to trust God,” Hall defined.

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Likewise, an account was created on the paid subscription platform Patreon to create a ‘family monastery’, in which he shares his lifestyle with his family, as well as his activities on the farm.

“Self-cancelled rogue. Radical Catholic extremist. Patriarch of four beautiful ladies. Abbott and founder of the Hall family monastery,” is how it is described on his Patreon account.

This new lifestyle has led him to retire from acting in September 2021. The man assured on his social networks that family life was what he most preferred and that it brought him peace of mind, unlike his life in Hollywood.

“It has been the most terrifying decision I have ever had to make. I have not left Hollywood because I hate telling stories and I hate movies and television. It was a sacrifice, but it was a sacrifice for something better,” he said. “I can see this old man who has been on the farm for, I don’t know, 25 years and he’s raised his kids there and I can see the peace behind his eyes and I can’t see the peace behind the eyes of the guy who’s still working in Hollywood and trying to raise his kids When I imagine that man I don’t see a man in peace and quiet.”

His last appearance as an actor was in 2020 as a supporting actor in the Disney movie ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

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The radical change of actor in ‘Alfalfa’: vow of poverty and ‘family monastery’