The Peruvian movie on Netflix that will make you think about your ancestors and your legacy

The Netflix streaming platform constantly seeks to renew its content, which ranges from psychological horror and drama series and movies, to productions based on real events or science fiction; on a monthly basis, the page dedicated to the seventh art seeks to expand its options, so the month of September is no exception.

This Friday’s recommendation is the film “Wiñaypacha”, which has been widely accepted by the public, which premiered in 2017, but is now hosted by the streaming giant, Netflix, which you can enjoy in the company of your loved ones.

What is “Wiñaypacha” about?

Said Peruvian production It has become one of the favorites of users on said platform; the title and the language of the original film is in the Aymara language and translated into Spanish means “forever”.

“Wiñaypacha”, follows the story of an elderly couple who live in a small town in Peru; It is about the life of Phaxsi and Willlka, who survive in a complicated climate, where they have been getting used to since they were little.

Through their stories they tell us what it is like to live in a remote area of ​​the highlands at an advanced age that no longer allows them to do their daily activities like when they were young, so their only hope is that their only son will return to visit them after have left to look for a better future.

a movie about family

It should be noted that said film production which now premiered on Netflix, was developed in the Peruvian Andes, and was then a candidate for the Oscar and Goya awards, since in fiction and documentary form the story of two real-life people who seek to be happy over time is told that they have life left, remembering their experiences in the past.

This film will make you reflect on your old age, your life and how you want to be remembered by the people around you when you are no longer alive; you will also think about the value of your family and know your ancestors.

The best Peruvian documentary film to watch today. PHOTO; Netflix


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The Peruvian movie on Netflix that will make you think about your ancestors and your legacy