June 11, 2021

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The nine best films to watch for free this weekend (June 11-13): ‘The thing’, ‘The days to come’ and more

1623426204 The nine best films to watch for free this weekend

The heat does not invite you to leave the house much these days, and you always have the option of recovering some of the films that are broadcast these days on a Spanish national television channel. In Espinof we could not miss our appointment with him best cinema that can be seen these days, with nine titles chosen according to my personal criteria, so obviously, those works that I don’t like are not included, but neither are those that I have too forgotten or simply have not been able to see.

Friday 11 June

‘The heifer’

The Heifer

It may be at least a step behind Berlanga’s best works due to suffering from a certain irregularity, but this approach to the Civil War is also packed with excellent scenes, is very funny overall, and has a very inspired cast.

22:05 at 2



My favorite Spanish movie. Berlanga portrays in it a curious Spanish tradition of the time to make a merciless criticism of Franco’s society, but using an unequaled comic approach at all times. With a signature touch of manners and a large number of unforgettable scenes, we are simply facing a masterpiece.

00:20 at 2

Saturday 12 June

‘The fugitive’

This adaptation of the popular television series became on its own merits one of the best action films of the 90s to come out of Hollywood. He also did it using obvious a priori elements that are often ignored: a solvent script put into images by a rising director – in fact, Andrew Davis’ career peaked here – and with clear ideas, a committed star for the occasion and a great Tommy Lee Jones trying to hunt down Harrison Ford. Currently unthinkable that such a character could report an Oscar to someone but at that time it was not so rare either.

15:40 on laSexta

Criticism in Espinof



Something forgotten within James Cameron’s filmography is a film in which he began to show his environmental concerns without neglecting the most spectacular component of the story. In fact, it is a film that shines much more visually than in the plot, where this kind of alternative version of ‘Encounter in the third phase’ never quite takes off. Of course, parts of his weaknesses are more than compensated in his director’s cut released years later.

19:30 in Paramount

Criticism in Espinof

‘The thing’

The thing

John Carpenter’s masterpiece. The story had already been told before, but the director of ‘Halloween night’ took it here to another level with an oppressive film that knows how to portray the growing anguish of being locked in with a lethal threat lurking at all times, great effects of Rob Bottin and an impeccable soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. Essential

20:00 at Neox

Criticism in Espinof

Sunday June 13

‘The executioner’

The Heifer

Just a few paragraphs ago I told you that ‘Placido’ was my favorite Spanish film and obviously also of its director, but I can understand those who prefer this unforgettable black comedy full of essential faces of our cinema. An unrestricted satire on Franco’s morality of the time that still remains valid today.

14:45 at Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof

‘Welcome Mister Marshall’

Welcome Mister Marshall

Berlanga’s first great film in which he found a luxury ally in the always brilliant José Isbert. An approach to the Spain of underdevelopment that criticizes the political isolation of the date and the idyllic vision of the aid offered from the United States. Acid and funny, its director leaves no puppet with a head.

16:40 at Thirteen

Criticism in Espinof

‘The days to come’

Days will come

A film that explores how the life of a couple changes when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, but not only emotionally, but even in the very relationship that unites them. Following a line similar to previous works by Carlos Marqués-Marcet, the excellent interpretation of Maria Rodriguez Soto It is essential for you to achieve the emotional impact you are looking for.

22:30 at La 2

Criticism in Espinof

‘Wind River’

Wind River

A great thriller that focuses on a more sedate approach by Taylor Sheridan supported by the great work of Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. Whoever expects a more vibrant film will be disappointed, but here Sheridan keeps everything under control very well, turning the snowy scenes into one more character.

22:45 and FDF

Criticism in Espinof


Programmers sometimes abuse the same titles and I don’t see any point in recommending the same movies over and over again. Hence, I prefer not to highlight more titles that have already appeared in a similar article during the last 5 months – in July I will raise the deadline to 6 and I will take some time to evaluate whether or not to play it again. However, there will be those who simply want to know which titles that are worth broadcasting these days, so below you have more tapes that could have slipped perfectly among the chosen ones if this did not happen that I comment: