The new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hides a reference to a villain that only absolute fans know about

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has released a new trailer focused on its story where Venom has been shown… and a reference to one of Marvel’s most particular villains.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It is one of the big games scheduled for the remainder of the year. The Insomniac Games title for PS5 arrives on October 20. So, today it was time to see a new advance of the adventures of Peter Parker and miles morales.

The truth is that the new trailer focused on the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has had a few stellar appearances such as Harry Osborn or Venom himself, one of the great villains that everyone was waiting for.

We have also had Kraven the Hunter and it is that, as in Marvel’s Spider-Man, this sequel is going to offer a few bad guys to stick with. However, Kraven and Venom may not be the only ones…

In this same trailer it has been possible to see a very worked reference that makes allusion to one of the most particular villains that battled against Spider-Man. There is a small frame in the Coney Island amusement park that has generated noise among the fans.

Reddit user slenderman201 noticed this easter egg. The Big Wheel sign appears on one of the park’s attractions. This refers to one of the most curious villains of Spider-Man.

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A new villain for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

We refer to Big Wheelwho first appeared in the 1978 comic Amazing Spider-Man #182 and who went by the name jackson weele. This villain was characterized by piloting a giant fairground wheel.

The reveal has left many fans hallucinating and hoping that this is not just a wink, but confirmation that this villain will appear in the game. “Now let’s hope we actually get Big Wheel,” one hopeful fan commented.

This has not been the only novelty we have had, since it has been revealed that a special edition of PlayStation 5 (with disc reader) will be released on September 1 with an aggressive Spider-Man design, with the spider in his suit being swallowed by the symbiote.

The pack will also come with the game, in the form of a code that you can redeem from October 20, and including the pre-order bonuses of the other editions of the game. What do you think of the news about this installment?

It seems that the fight against the symbiote will be one of the great moments of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which, we remember, arrives on October 20 at PS5.

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The new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hides a reference to a villain that only absolute fans know about