The New Spider-Man No Way Home Theory: Have Other Spider-Man Been Deleted From The Trailer?

The last trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home It has caused a real sensation and has been an impact on social networks. The fans of Marvel Studios’ web launcher are launching a thousand and one theories on the Internet, looking for little Easter eggs, secrets and solving the mysteries that the company has thrown with this short presentation footage of the feature film of Tom Holland to have Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx and many more actors related to the Spider-Man universe.

Are there other Spider-Man?

While in this other article from Vandal Random We have already explained all those secrets that can be seen in the trailer, now a new theory has emerged that indicates that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire have been digitally removed from submitted images. The theory has started when the most finicky fans have found certain suspicious movements on the part of the villains, Electro and Lizard being the main indicators that, indeed, the other two Spider-Man mentioned are going to be present in the film in what seems It will be that final battle that will pit Holland against the net thrower’s most mythical enemies.

The users iLeoVlogs has made a post on Twitter in which it can be clearly seen that, in the trailer, both the villain who controls the electricity and the giant green monster are looking for a direct confrontation against non-existent characters, or at least not you can see in what is presented. So it could clearly be that there are two eliminated Spider-Man that will be part of the final surprise, being able to see only in the official premiere of the film No Way Home. Look at how someone hit Lizard without being seen!

Doctor Strange doesn’t make it clear …

Furthermore, Doctor Strange himself points out at the end of the trailer that are starting to arrive and there is nothing you can do to stop themwithout saying exactly what he means. Moment that occurs just after seeing said confrontation between villains and Holland, so Sony could be playing the distraction and deception.

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home

Finally, part of the users have pointed out that there is a fragment in which it seems that one of the most beastly massive leaks was confirmed. Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although it is unknown if it is true because it is a capture that may have been processed by CGI and that we are not going to paste here because it can annoy the experience of some viewers (You can consult this image here if you want).

Tom Holland

In that capture, Holland is seen with the city in the background, and it could be a sequence shared with Maguire and Garfield in some way, just like the sequence of the final combat that we have mentioned before, with that Lizard being magically hit and with Electro facing someone who cannot be seen either.

Premiere in December

In any case, we will get rid of doubts the next December 17, moment in which we can see Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered on the big screen in cinemas around the world. Outperform the Eternals in Raising? Will these theories hold?


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The New Spider-Man No Way Home Theory: Have Other Spider-Man Been Deleted From The Trailer?