The new project that distances Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White from Merlina


The actors starred together merlin, but now they put aside the Netflix series to participate in a new project. Know all the details.

Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White
© IMDBJenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White

beyond that Jenna Ortega already had a career before arriving at merlinit was the series of Netflix Created by Tim Burton the one that helped her grow globally. As the protagonist of this story, the actress surprised with her interpretation of merlin addams giving an essence and a personality of its own to the character derived from the locos addams.

So much so that, currently Jenna Ortega is one of the artists of the moment and one of which does not stop succeeding. Gone is that young lady who was part of Marvel or Jane the Virgin, now his career took an immense turn. And that’s why after the worldwide sensation that caused merlin The interpreter opened many doors in the industry.

In fact, outside of what it means merlin, Jenna Ortega already has a new project. Of course, for the peace of mind of all the fans, it will continue to be the protagonist of the Netflix fiction in its second seasonalthough it also focuses on Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall a film in which he will be part of the main cast.

It was Deadline who confirmed the arrival of Ortega in this production directed by Tiffany Paulsen. Although, as if this were not enough, the most important and charming part of the news is that she will not be alone, but that she will share the screen with Percy Hynes White with whom he also worked on merlin. The actor, who gave life to Xavier in Netflix fiction he meets Jenna again in this project where now they will be a couple.

Percy Hynes White became one of the favorites of merlin and many fans wanted to see his character develop a romance with Jenna’s even though it didn’t happen, but now they have a next chance. well in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall yes they will be a couple and the plot confirms it. At the moment its synopsis has not been developed, but there is an idea of ​​what the film will be about.

Little is known, but the story will be about two teenagers entering adulthood and falling in love on just four significant days of the year. A romance that has a lot to develop and that, with the participation of Ortega and Hynes White, has everything to succeed because they are two great actors.

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The new project that distances Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White from Merlina