The new ‘Predator’ will explore the first visit of a Predator to Earth, and its producers assure that it will resemble ‘The Revenant’

Even if he received a savage amount of clubs, to a certain extent, understandable – admittedly, it is a very his title – the ‘Predator’ of Shane Black I found it a real joy despite its specific defects. His return to that eighties action full of comedy and self-awareness managed to fully regain my interest in the franchise, making me celebrate the news about the next step in the saga.

A ‘Predator’ with the scent of ‘The Revenant’

A little less than a year ago we learned that Fox Disney launched a new installment of ‘Predator’ with Dan Trachtenberg —Responsible for the fantastic ‘Calle Cloverfield 10’– commanding. Since then, any type of information about the project has been treated with the utmost secrecy, but today, thanks to Collider, we have known new details about him.

During a promotional interview about ‘Jungle Cruise’, producers John Davis and John Fox have confirmed that Trachtenberg’s feature film it will be titled, as the first rumors pointed out, ‘Skulls’, which will be an origin story that will explore the creature’s first visit to planet Earth and that will feature a woman as the protagonist.

Davis further explained what does it have in common this production with the original film:

“It is a return to what made the original ‘Predator’ work. It is the ingenuity of a human being who does not give up, who is able to observe and analyze and, basically, to be able to defeat a stronger, more powerful force. and better equipped. It’s much more like ‘The Revenant’ than any other movie in the ‘Predator’ canon. You’ll understand what I mean when you see it. “

With this, the producer seems to direct us, once again, towards the terrain that the rumors that populated the networks when ‘Skulls’ was announced, suggesting that the movie could be set on an Indian reservation to accompany a Comanche woman with aspirations to become a warrior despite what her traditions dictate.

A western with Predators? I don’t know about you, but I I buy with my eyes closed. As soon as we can see the first images of the film, which is about to finish its filming phase, do not doubt that we will echo it ipso facto.