The new Netflix movie that has everything to snatch the audience record from The Squid Game

The streaming service Netflix is in one of its best years, having started in a great way and are currently enjoying the success of The Squid Game, a series that has already established itself as the most chosen content in the history of the platform. Nevertheless, a film has just been released that has the necessary requirements to exceed that audience record.

Coming from South Korea, this show had a great impact on viewers, as it became a true phenomenon and was played by 142 million users around the world. The fury that was generated was so great that it remained at the top of the ranking for almost two months, until it was recently overtaken by Arcane.

+ The new movie that could beat Netflix’s audience record

The film that premiered last Friday, November 12 and started on the right foot is Red alert, starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot y Ryan Reynolds. According to the first official reports, is currently the film with the best opening day in the entire history of the platform. At the moment the figures for the first 24 hours were not given, but they will surely publish it in the following weeks.

“When Interpol issues a red alert – the highest warrant for the arrest of the world’s most wanted criminals – John Hartley, the FBI’s top criminologist, works on the case. His international search draws him to the very heart of a risky heist, where He is forced to collaborate with the world’s greatest art thief, Nolan Booth, to hunt down the Bishop, the planet’s most wanted art thief. The fast-paced adventure takes the trio across the globe: to a dance floor, a prison remote, to the depths of the jungle and, worst of all, to their mutual and constant company “says the synopsis of this entertaining story.

There is no doubt that the leading trio has caught the attention of its fans, so that is where the explanation of this project is found, beyond the fact that it is Netflix. Considering your first day of streaming, It is believed that it can earn enough merits to reach 142 million views, such as The Squid Game, but that will be officially communicated within 30 days of launch.

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The new Netflix movie that has everything to snatch the audience record from The Squid Game