The new Henry Cavill movie is an adaptation that has cost Apple 200 million. Does it hit her? The author might not exist

The new movie of Matthew Vaughn seems to entail an even greater mystery than the one its plot promises to offer. Director of ‘Kick Ass’ and the fruitful saga ‘kingsman’ has in hand ‘Argyle’; an espionage thriller starring a spectacular cast composed of Henry Cavilll, Ariana DeBose, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brian Cranston, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson and Dua Lipa, who will make the leap to the big screen.

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So far everything is correct. The peculiarity of the case lies in the fact that the feature film is an adaptation of a homonymous novel not yet published and written by Elly Conway, a first-time writer of whom there is practically no trace on the internet; something that makes it even more shocking not only that the project has prospered so quickly, but that Apple has acquired it for $200 million to launch it on your streaming platform.

A search from Conway’s name on Google does not give conclusive results, beyond a couple of references to a fictional character from the Australian series ‘Neighbors’. However, by spelling her given name as Ellie—and not Elly—we find her file on the website of the publisher Penguin Random House, where you can read a brief biography what prays “He lives in the United States and is working on the next installment in the saga”.

To make matters worse, reference media such as The Hollywood Reporter have been unable not only to obtain an advance copy of the novel —scheduled for release on March 30, 2023—, but also to contact the writerwhose account Instagram is deserted, or with your agent to arrange an interview.

However, and focusing on the feature film, currently overturned in its post-production phase and without a specific release date -on IMDb it is listed for 2023-, in addition to a brief teaser that could be seen a few months ago, we have some statements from Matthew Vaughn that put expectations slightly through the roof.

“When I read this first version I felt like I was missing the most amazing and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s 50’s books. This is going to reinvent the espionage genre.”

We’ll see how this all ends, but ‘Argyle’for the moment, has our full attention.

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The new Henry Cavill movie is an adaptation that has cost Apple 200 million. Does it hit her? The author might not exist