The Netflix movie that will fill your soul, lasts less than 2 hours and shows true love

The films of love always arrive at the right time, being Disconnect: The Wedding Planner the tape that you must see to laugh and cry for a while while you discover a true story of romance, this being a production of Netflix the one that will make you believe once again in true love, having its protagonists unfolding an authentic fairy tale plot with a bit of chaos in the middle.

Combining a bit of laughs along with a tender love story, Disconnect: The Wedding Planner is the romantic comedy you’ve been looking for and just couldn’t find because of the algorithm inside Netflix, However, it is clear that this tape is one of the hidden gems within the streaming platform.

Here we tell you in detail everything you need to know so that you finish convincing yourself and add to your next marathon of films of romance this tape of Netflix, having one of the most tender and honey-filled stories in the streaming platform’s catalog.

What is the movie Unplugging: The Wedding Planner on Netflix about?

this romantic movie directed by Tosh Gitonga presents us with the story of Otis played by Pascal Tokodi, a young man who continues to run away from commitment and a stable relationship, due to the terrible moments he has witnessed as a renowned wedding planner, however, all this will be about to change when he hires his new assistant, who will teach him what love really means.

Netflix has opened the doors within its catalog to different films foreign companies in recent months, having Disconnect: The Wedding Planner as one of the best romance films on his list, so if you were looking for a different love story than those shown in Hollywood, this movie is for you.

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Don’t forget to add Disconnect: The Wedding Planner and the rest of the recommendations to your list of Netflix, being the films perfect to visualize your ideal love story, having incredible protagonists who will steal your heart with each of the scenes.

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The Netflix movie that will fill your soul, lasts less than 2 hours and shows true love