The Netflix movie based on true events that lasts 2 hours and will open your eyes to how the world works

There are many people who seek to enjoy silence and leisure in the comfort of their home, either alone or in good company. In case you are one of those who prefer to watch a good film without leaving your homes, we bring you an audiovisual option what to see in Netflix that will surely surprise you since it is a production where we can see shine Brad Pitt in their performance in almost two hours that can explain through real events how the world works by opening your eyes.

This film is undoubtedly one of the ones with the best reviews and the most successes outside of Netflix where we can currently access to view it. In addition to having the participation of Brad Pitt and an iconic performance of his part in the film “The Big Short”, a film what to see If you haven’t already done so, we can also find other great cast mansions, such as Christian Bale, who also appears in this almost two-hour film based on true events that can impact you from the beginning.

With more than 2 hours and 47 minutes, this film of Brad Pitt recounts one of the most complex moments what to see not only on the small screen of our home but also in the history of the North American economy since it covers a very complex historical period such as the year 2008 and the implosion of the real estate bubble that determined that millions of families in the United States lost their savings in order to save the useful life of the banks. This movie is very raw and very realistic and great content to watch on Netflix in case you are looking for a good option for these days.

The Big Short is undoubtedly one of the movies what to see in Netflix that will leave you reflecting not only because of its plot, which is captivating despite its long duration, but also because of the brilliant performances that Netflix proposes us as is the case of Brad Pitt who stands out in the list of big names that make up the cast of one of the most controversial films in regards to representing financial speculation in a country like the US and the consequences that it can have for those who are far away of these activities.

In case this movie Brad Pitt be on your movie list what to see in Netflix We recommend that you do not let time pass much longer since the streaming platform makes very recurring catalog changes and for this reason it may soon no longer be available to be viewed and it is a classic to watch not only because of its interesting subject matter but also for how well it expresses this moment and for the excellent reviews it garnered in the years when “The Big Short” premiered in the cinematographic world.

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The Netflix movie based on true events that lasts 2 hours and will open your eyes to how the world works