The Mummy 2: Brendan Fraser defends the sequel’s poor special effects

the star of The Mummy, brendan fraserhas decided to defend the infamous recreation of scorpion king and the used digital effects for his appearance in the sequel to the saga. Fraser, who is experiencing a moment of resurgence after the premiere of The Whaleand what has confirmed his desire to return to the licensehas launched into justifying the quality of the computer effects in the 2001 film, in which dwayne johnson embodied Mathayusthe antagonist of the film and the protagonist of the prequel, The Scorpion King from 2002.

Fraser defends the computer special effects of The Mummy Returns

For more than two decades, the sequel’s special effects have been criticized endlessly, being one of the worst in the history of recent cinema, with some shots from The Scorpion King marking one of the lowest benchmarks for CGI in a big budget film. Fraser is aware of the meme and all that it has involved, and explains what happened, defending those responsible.

You must be kind. Those responsible for the CGI did not have time and now, I don’t know, it is very adorable

“I know, I know, be nice about all this. The guys who did the CGI of the Scorpion King, at the movie premiere, they said, ‘hey, how are you, good job. You know, we did the effects for the Scorpion King. And they confessed to me that, ‘yes, we needed a little more time’, he explained, in relation to the dates of the project and the release of the film in theaters. “But it was at the last moment, I don’t know. I think part of the charm of it all is that when you see it now, I suppose it could end up remastered, but it’s not as charming or fun. Especially when you get that character with Dwayne’s face doin’rawwwh‘” he continues. “I don’t know, in a way, it’s just perfect, the way things work”finished off.

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The Mummy 2: Brendan Fraser defends the sequel’s poor special effects