The movies that we recommend according to your favorite of the year

In 2021 there were cinematographic proposals for all tastes. But especially, an interesting rise of genres that took the cinema to a much more interesting and complex level. From great sci-fi epics to horror movies with a considerable dose of gore. There was everything for all tastes, but especially, a tour of interest in cinema as entertainment and concept.

That, inevitably, makes it a nice exercise in a journey through the seventh art, finding references to the great films of 2021. Most come from good origin films or, in any case, from more sophisticated or endearing versions. When reviewing the options, it is clear that the cinema evolves but, in its essentials, it continues to narrate the same stories. And he does it from the same emotions and perceptions. Or at least, similar enough to understand the cinematographic as something global.

We leave you six movie recommendations according to your favorite of the year. An interesting journey through the world of cinema and especially its history. But beyond that, too, an astonishing look at great cinematic narratives from several different points of view:

If you like me Dune by Denis Villeneuve we recommend Solaris by Andrei Tarkovski

Denis Villeneuve achieved what seemed impossible: adapt the founding work of Frank Herbert in an elegant and monumental version. With its calm and contemplative pace, it is also a rare look at science fiction, time, uncertainty and fear.

If you liked Villeneuve’s version of space and the conception of destiny, Solaris Andrei Tarkovski’s is your next pick. It’s not just a foundational science fiction classic. Also from a careful look at the uncertainty and fear of mortality. Tarkovski manages to reconstruct the conception about time, loss and fear, in the midst of a silent context impregnated with pain.

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The movies that we recommend according to your favorite of the year