The movie on Netflix that shows the exact moment that Jim Carrey fell into madness and stopped being him

One of the actors chameleons in the history of cinema is undoubtedly Jim Carrey, who achieved international fame in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s, who due to his charisma and sympathy quickly became one of the most coveted actors by film producers in Hollywood.

If his real name is James Eugene and because he is one of the greats of Hollywood talent, he has been given the opportunity in recent years to choose his projects, but in the meantime, the generations of today and yesterday recognize the actor for tapes such as “The Mask” next to Cameron Diaz, “Dr. Cable” for which he received 20 million dollars (a record at the time), “Eternal glow of a mind without memories”, “Kick Ass 2” Along with Aaron Taylor Johnson and of course his participation in “Almighty” and the third installment of the Batman trilogy of the 90s, playing the Riddler have made him one of the most beloved actors on the big screen.

However, everything was transformed in the life of carrey after he was offered to play the late role of the artist and comedian Andy Kaufman to take it to the movies, a proposal that of course the Canadian-born man accepted despite the fact that he had not done castings for many years; Jim He auditioned and got the role, however, the actor never imagined how much playing this character would change his life.

The documentary that you should not miss on Netflix

That’s why everyone wonders what really happened in that movie, in which carrey began to change even in its physical appearance and ideology, this is narrated in a documentary available on Netflix that was released in 2017, but that six years later has become relevant on the red logo platform, it is about the production titled Jim and Andy.

In this documentary with a duration of one hour and 43 minutes, the viewer was submerged in a sea of ​​emotions, this because it is a real, shocking, disturbing, but also funny film product, in which Jim Carrey himself narrates that for record the movie “Man on the Moon” or by its title in Spanish “Lunático” he was possessed by the spirit of Andy Kaufman when he found out that he was going to star in the film.

“Sit down, I’ll act in my movie”, words that Kaufman supposedly said to Carrey at that moment, and those who were on the set of the movie assure that Jim really became another person, not only in front of the cameras, but also at no time did he abandon his role as the iconic comedian, with whom he did all kinds of strange things and made his colleagues uncomfortable during recordings.



The movie on Netflix only for true visual braves, is a disturbing gem with Jim Carrey

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The movie on Netflix that shows the exact moment that Jim Carrey fell into madness and stopped being him