The movie on Netflix that lasts less than two hours and teaches that you should NEVER return to your ex

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Every day more and more series are added, films and documentaries to streaming services such as Netflix so it is easy for us to get lost in some productions among so many premieres that are really worth seeing, such as the case of So sad your life a fun story you can’t miss.

among the many films in Netflix this So sad your life a romantic comedy that talks about the painful process of separating a couple and how everything can go to waste in the blink of an eye by clinging to a partner who does not want to be by your side.

So sad your life is an entertaining 2016 film produced by a Mexico-Chile Co-production between Balero Films, Sobras International Pictures, A Toda Madre Entertainment, Bh5 Group, which with just over an hour and a half long manages to entertain.

What is the movie What a pity your life is about?

So sad your life is a movie that follows the life and relationship of Javier, a young publicist who is suddenly left without a job and without a girlfriend. Sofía, his ex, wants nothing to do with him and begins a stormy road that leads him to despair to get back together with her.

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Along the way, she has only one support, Andrea, her best friend and who is always present in Javier’s worst moments, who involves her in his bad life decisions and whom she treats as one of her friends, without realizing how important he is. it’s for her

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Why is it worth watching the movie What a shame your life on Netflix?

Is movie It has had divided reviews, while some find it entertaining, for others more demanding it falls into some classic romantic comedy clichés, but most agree that it is a better production than the original 2010 Chilean film.

So sad your life Is available in Netflix and has a cast made up of José María de Tavira, Aislinn Derbez, Ilse Salas, Rosa María Bianchi, Alejandro Calva, Cid Vela, Fernanda Castillo, Leonardo de Lozanne, Álvaro Guerrero, Fabiola Campomanes and some other actors. Don’t stop following us on Facebook to find more recommendations films.

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The movie on Netflix that lasts less than two hours and teaches that you should NEVER return to your ex