The most surprising anecdotes behind the greatest hits of the cinema

Stories of love that went from the screen to real life, modern classics that were on the verge of not being filmed, famous stars of Hollywood taking his first steps, with many illusions but without money to eat.

During this year, the section ‘Behind the filming’, of the newspaper ‘La Nación’, put the magnifying glass on the lesser known anecdotes of films that marked a before and after in the history of cinema.

A review of the most outstanding ones.

‘A place called Notting Hill’: the boredom of Julia Roberts and the fears of Hugh Grant

‘A place called Notting Hill’ (or ‘Notting Hill’ for short) was about to not done, or at least not with those protagonists who today seem perfect for that love story paid with the price of fame.

“It’s boring, tedious, a stupid thing they ask me to do”, Told him Julia Roberts to your agent when you received the proposal.

And it is that the pretty woman lived the siege constantly, and did not understand how so much annoyance could become a love story. He changed his mind when he learned that behind the script was Richard Curtis (‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’).

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What of Hugh Grant It wasn’t easy either, because the mere fact of working with Roberts caused him more “fear” than enthusiasm.

The film was released and became a modern classic, a fate only marred by the death of actress Emma Chambers, who played the protagonist’s sister.

‘Limit point’: the movie that turned Keanu Reeves into a sex symbol

In 1986 it was going to be directed by Ridley Scott, and it was going to star Charlie Sheen and Matthew Broderick, but nothing happened.

Five years later, the director’s chair of ‘Point Break’ was left to Kathryn Bigelow, the production was of James Cameron and the stars of Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

And Keanu half by chance, because since 20th Century Fox didn’t want to have anything to do with him (basically because hardly anyone knew him at the time), Bigelow threatened to quit if they didn’t hire him. They had no other choice, and how well they did.

The success of the film served as a platform for Reeves to build an image of action hero sensitive that to this day continues to pay great dividends. Thanks to the film, he also won the MTV award for ‘Most Desired Man’. A real ‘point break’ in the actor’s career.

‘Flashdance’: a story no one believed in and a copyright lawsuit

That final dance of Alex to the rhythm of ‘What A Feeling’ was not only the vindication of the character, but also that of a film that, before and after, fought through thick and thin to stay afloat.

Neither David Cronenberg nor Brian De Palma agreed to film ‘Flashdance’. Yes Adrian Lyne, who was still looking for a project that would get him out of ostracism.

In the final stretch of the lead there were three candidates: Demi Moore, Leslie Wing and Jennifer Beals. According to screenwriter Joe Esztheras, at Paramount they brought together a group of men to decide who was “the best” and Beals won, despite being 18 years old and having no experience in film.

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The public loved her, but the criticism was ruthless. And even there the problems for Flashdance did not end because, although it was said that the story was based on the lives of the dancers Mauren Marder and Gina Healey, when both women saw the film they discovered that it was not “based”, but that it was a faithful copy.

The expected lawsuit was settled in court. Worse was Marine Jahan, an actress who voiced Beals in the iconic dance scenes, and who did not even appear in the credits.

‘Pride and Prejudice’: two protagonists in love and a director who canceled his wedding

When ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is reviewed, few remember that its director was Joe Wright, and it is logical because after the 2005 film it has had more attempts than successes, on a massive scale.

However, when he had the opportunity to take the lead in Jane Austen’s novel, he was the first to frown: “I was not interested in making the film, but the script moved me, it had a modern touch, and at the same time it showed how two people were getting to know each other and thus overcoming the preconceptions that prevented them from moving forward”.

He also wanted to lower his thumb to Keira Knightley as the protagonist, who came from making “Really love” and the first “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Paraphrasing the title of the film, his was also ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Wright claimed it by claiming the right to cast an unknown lead in Hollywood, Matthew Macfadyen.

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However, such qualms were of no use (or were of great use, depending on how you look at it) because accompanying the success of the film, the press stopped at the couple of Knightley and Rupert Friend, a relationship that had born on set.

A less happy event was also news: the cancellation of the wedding with Rosamund Pike by the director, as well as his image of a bar in a bar surrounded by women while his ex was, according to his friends, “devastated”.

‘Rocky’: the inspiration of Muhammad Ali and a bankrupt actor desperate to succeed

In the early 1970s, Sylvester Stallone He accepted whatever role they offered him as long as they saw his face a bit and thus be able to start his way to fame. From small appearances in series like ‘Kojak’ to starring in a erotic movie, everything was worth as long as it was recognized.

Without much to eat, in March 1975 the actor went to see the fight between Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali, and from behind the scenes of that night an idea appeared in his head, which immediately became a story and later a script. Rocky was born.

The man who had sold his dog because he did not have enough to feed it, suddenly found himself receiving for his script 350 thousand dollars, and the promise that it would make it to the big screen.

Despite the needs, the actor was adamant in his desire to star in it, the studio did not complain, because they were not planning to invest more than a million dollars in the film anyway.

A year later, with the premiere of Rocky, Syl became legend, won three Oscars, kicked off one of the most lucrative sagas in movie history, and had bought his dog again. A perfect synthesis of what perseverance achieves.

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The most surprising anecdotes behind the greatest hits of the cinema