The most anticipated movie in the Netflix catalog; is totally HEARTBREAKING and based on real events |TRAILER

During the last weeks, people tend to wonder more about new trends or topics of interest, as it happens with certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix.

In this sense, people wonder what they can see in the streaming giant, Netflixwhere you can find a wide variety of films of various themes and genres.

Let us remember that new options to view content and have entertainment via streaming come to light more frequently; this mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Mexico on February 28, 2020.

What to watch on Netflix

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest global demand, mainly because it bets on the best releases in the cinematographic world, from the most recent releases to the classics of the seventh art.

In addition, after the arrival of the coronavirus in Mexico, people tend to spend more time on social networks but also on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix or Disney Plus.

Under this scenario, it is also important to remember that the streaming platform is constantly working to bring new titles of various genres to keep people of all ages entertained.

News on the platform

This is how in the streaming giant, various titles are dismissed but also many others are incorporated to be part of the wide catalog of series, movies and documentaries.

At this beginning of January, Various audiovisual productions join the platformwhich are part of the premieres for children and adults.

For this reason, we have created a selection of a movie to watch this weekend or this Thursday night, accompanied by your loved ones; This film production will fill you with strong emotions.

What is “A Shadow in My Eye” about?

This is the film “A shadow in my eye”, which was directed by Ole Bornedal, with the performances of Bertram Bisgaard Enevoldsen, Ester Bich, Ella Jospehine Lund Nilsson, Malena Lucia Lodahl, Alex Høgh Andersen, Danica Curcic, Alban Lendorf , James Tarpey, Casper Kær Jensen, Mads Riisom, Malene Beltoft Olsen, Kisrtian Ibler, and Rikke Lousie Andersson.

“A shadow in my eye” is based on the events of World War II, where they discuss what happened in 1945 in Copenhagen, where a group of British pilots bombed a school to end a Nazi facility in the city. , where he portrays how hundreds of people experienced this event.


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The most anticipated movie in the Netflix catalog; is totally HEARTBREAKING and based on real events |TRAILER