The Minecraft movie could include Jason Momoa in its cast and these are the details


Jason Momoa could not only be the director of this film, but also participate in the cast.

The Minecraft movie is not a new projectas Mojang had announced its development since 2014However, until now there had been no news of this production other than a few changes in the creatives that would be in charge. In fact, initially Roy Lee (better known for directing the LEGO movie, in the same year that work began on the sandbox feature film) and Shawn Levy, another well-known director who was behind The Adam Project, would be in charge. . But after the revelation of the film, Levy chose to abandon the project, arguing that he did not know how he could carry out a production of these dimensions, precisely because it is about bringing the format of a cube video game to a live-action. On the contrary, Lee decided to stand firm against the change in his partner and continues to lead until now. However, they were not the only changes that awaited the Mojang project, since Rob McElhenney (of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) who had the direction in his hands for a limited time, also decided to leave the project later, and instead Peter Sollet (of Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist) entered.

Jason Momoa and the role he will play in Minecraft

While it was initially announced that Steve Carell would star in the Minecraft movie, there was a sudden change after Carell backed out due to scheduling issues. For his part, The franchise has not clarified who will star in the live-action Minecraft from Warner Bros..

So far, Mojang also made an important announcement through THR and that is Momoa will direct the Minecraft movie. This has surprised fans of the sandbox, since some time ago there had been no news about the project. But it is not the only thing they have revealed: Momoa will work in conjunction with Jared Hess, sharing the direction (from Napolean Dynamite). Although, in view of the careers of both, this could give us an idea of ​​what could emerge in the film, not much more is known about it, since it is possible that Momoa appears in it. And it has not been clarified what role she could have in the live-action. In fact, there have been no further details on the cast or what creative direction the film could take after so many adjustments, to finally bring the well-known game of blocks to box offices around the world.

For those who are not so familiar with Jason Momoa’s career, we have already seen this popular actor in large productions actively participating in the direction of some feature films or, well, as an actor; including Dune, Conan the Barbarian, Aquaman and Game of Thrones. In addition, he has several projects on the horizon, of which the sequel to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released in March 2023. On the other hand, it is known that he has just signed on to play the villain of Fast & Furious 10. So we will not know when it will be dedicated to this ambitious Mojang project.

In short, the fact that Momoa and Hess are going to participate together in the production finally gives the project a footing, after so many changes after its official announcement in 2014. Apparently, both one and the other could be the perfect team to bring the game to life, given what they’ve done in the past. And very surely they will already have some plans in hand for Minecraft, so we are getting closer to a possible launch. Although their great trajectories give the film a promising future, it is also likely that it will continue to change direction. We hope that soon they will give a date to the long-awaited Minecraft movie and we will know more details about the cast and who will be its final director.


The fame of Minecraft has catapulted him to great projects like this movie

For many players, Minecraft has marked a before and after. The graphics of this successful Mojang video game are quite simple: an infinity of blocks at the user’s disposal. But it is precisely the latter that has allowed them to unleash their creativity, as many of them have shown on multiple occasions what they could build with a lot of time and skill, including real-world structures. Of course, players can also practice surviving around a wide range of monsters, but the combination of both makes for a versatile and fun sandbox twist. Thanks to the popularity that these characteristics have earned the video game, it has become a great franchise all over the world. From books to its own convention, MineCon, the game has established itself as one of the most successful of all time. And it is not for less, the players have also been in charge of giving it their own touch with some mods and entertaining gameplays on YouTube.

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The Minecraft movie could include Jason Momoa in its cast and these are the details