The memory of Anne Heche and the Ford that she popularized in Psycho

Anne Heche and Ford teamed up in the 1998 remake to reinterpret those suspenseful scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s film. Next, our tribute to the memory of the actress with the oval mark involved.

After a week fighting for his life, Anne Heche He finally passed away at the age of 53. As a result of his unfortunate physical loss, it is impossible not to remember his filmography, which includes almost forty films, among which stand out Donnie Brasco Y wag the dog (1997) and return to paradise Y six days and seven nights (1998).

But what about his role in reversing Psychosisalso released in 1998. There, the American actress and producer had the luxury of playing Marion Cranethe unforgettable character who stars in one of the scenes of suspense most memorable and that in 1960 had already popularized Janet Leigh.

Regarding the suspense, there is a lot of it during the first scenes of the film directed by Gus Van Sant. Much has to do with the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock and how he used cars to generate tension in the viewer. Thus, Anne Heche was linked to that legacy and immortalized next to a Ford sedan from the nineties.

The 1993 Ford Taurus that Marion Crane (Anne Heche) trades in for a 1989 Volvo 740 in “Psycho.” Source: IMCDB.

This car that Heche popularized in the remake of Psycho is a Ford Taurus 1993. Medium-bodied and first introduced in 1986, the Taurus was so successful that its 2022 model is now being marketed in markets such as the Middle East. The history of the model also has a peculiar chapter.

The most memorable moment of the Taurus occurred in 2007, when its production, interrupted a year earlier, was reactivated due to protests from loyal customers. To do this, the manufacturer restyled the Five Hundred and the Ford Freestyle, renaming them the Taurus and Taurus X. The Taurus, however, was not the only Ford to appear in the Gus Van Sant film.

The list is completed by a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria, another 1993 Crown Victoria, a 1950 Ford Custom De Luxe and a 1994 F-350. In this way, the oval took over Psychosis as the brand that contributed the most units to the film starring Anne Heche, whom we remember and also honor in this article.

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The memory of Anne Heche and the Ford that she popularized in Psycho