The Matrix forever changed more than science fiction cinema and ‘Matrix Resurrections’ is the confirmation

A Warner Bros. executive and a producer are sitting in a room. “Hey,” they say to Warner Presidents Bob Daly and Terry Semel, “I have an idea. We have hired these two brothers who direct and write together. They made Bound, a lesbian crime movie, for $ 4 million. Now they want to make a $ 60 million science fiction movie. Or maybe it’s a spiritual allegory. Nobody really understands what it’s about, but it doesn’t matter, because they want to use amazing special effects. The technology hasn’t been planned yet, but it doesn’t matter. Brad, Leo and Will were interested, but we have Keanu Reeves, who is so overcome that he is back in the game. All the stars will do their own stunts. But if there is a fatality, the great thing is that we will not see it happen because the brothers are going to take our 60 million dollars and they will go to make this film in Australia.

Thus related Entertainment Weekly the supposed ins and outs of the germ of Matrix at the Warner offices. It was 1997, and the Brads, Leos, and Will they were referring to were Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith.

That Matrix get ahead it was a wonder in itself. And the movie was the wonder. A film released in 1999, a magical year for cinema with many premieres, but it was planned for the end of March, a few weeks after George Lucas returned with Star Wars con The Phantom Menace. For many, then, Matrix it was going to be yet another unglued movie until the big premiere.

But the promotional mechanisms used to push the (then still formally) Wachowski sisters’ film were also unusual. At a time when for example The Blair Witch Project I had changed the rules of marketing with that guerrilla proposal that dissipated the difference between reality and fiction through the technique of found footage, The Matrix took advantage, curiously as it is now with Matrix 4 The Matrix Resurrections, the latest great technology at your fingertips. As if it were an allegory of his own world.

What is the Matrix?

Matrix was presented to the general public with a classic proposal. A spot in the Super Bowl in which several scenes were seen with the bullet time technique, the cyberpunk space behind Matrix, and some height special effects.

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The Matrix forever changed more than science fiction cinema and ‘Matrix Resurrections’ is the confirmation