‘The Lord of the Rings: the most ambitious film production, even more than’ Avatar ‘

The trilogy literary of The Lord of the rings JRR Tolkien’s is one of the foundational works of fantasy literature. Also one of the most complex, rich and detailed fictional universes in history. With its own language, mythology and geography, it is a work that ranges from the religious to the philosophical. And in fact, it creates a joint perception of a series of elements that support the narrative even in its smallest details.

Tolkien devoted considerable effort to retelling a reinvention of the hero’s journey, and to endow each point with astonishing depth. The result is a generational phenomenon that has become a point of meeting for readers of all ages. Also, of course, from generations of fans who profess a more than deserved devotion to the text of The Lord of the Rings

Now, for decades the big logical question was how to bring such a story to the cinema. Was there a way to be able to narrate all its beauty in the cinema, power and poignant elegance one of the most revered texts in history? To do so required the technical resources and the visual ability to translate a faithful adaptation to Middle-earth. Could such a level of virtuosity be achieved with The Lord of the Rings? Until 1978, the question was unanswered.

The first attempts to tour Middle-earth

In 1978, director Ralph Bakshi directed and produced the animated film J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It is a partial adaptation that narrates the events of the books The Fellowship of the Ring and the first half of The two Towers. Bakshi strove for the film, which used the rotoscope for animation, to be an overview of the literary universe. But despite overall good reviews, the film ran into several problems.

To begin with, that version of The Lord of the Rings was an incomplete work. The script hints at the end of the confrontation against Sauron, but due to production problems the film could not be completed. To that should be added that the script took all kinds of liberties and a free look at Tolkien’s work.

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‘The Lord of the Rings: the most ambitious film production, even more than’ Avatar ‘