The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor who refused to appear on ‘Halloween’

The ‘Halloween’ franchise has become one of the most successful within the horror genre, however, when John Carpenter introduced Michael Myers for the first time, not many trusted the project, as happened with this famous actor.

Halloween Ends is already in theaters and with this installment, John Carpenter at the hands of David Gordon Green, will conclude the cycle of one of the most emblematic characters in horror cinema. Although, currently Halloween is considered a slasher classic, we must say that at the time very few believed in the project. While some rejected the job offer, there were those who gave her a chance without knowing that her life would change completely, as was the case with Jamie Lee Curtis who will now be immortalized by her character as Laurie Strode.

Perhaps what is most exciting about the saga is the endless confrontation between Laurie and Michael Myers, and of course, the bloody killings in Haddonfield. However, within the saga there are other characters that are vital to the development of the story, such as Dr. Sam Loomis. But before falling into the hands of Donald Pleasence, Carpenter had two actors in mind, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, who had starred dracula by Terence Fisher.

Peter was famous for starring in several Hammer studio classics like the curse of frankensteinnevertheless, the salary seemed very low to him than what he used to earn, so he immediately rejected the proposal. It was then that Lee was left as a second option and if he had stayed with the role, he would surely have given the character a much more heroic touch, but as you can imagine, the actor refused to participate in the production.

After the film was a success, the actor from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, He showed his regret for not being part of the cast and admitted that it was one of the biggest mistakes he could have made in his career. Even so, the actor did not completely distance himself from terror and worked several times with Tim Burton, but without a doubt one of his most memorable films is The Lord of the Rings where he would play the detestable Saruman.

Christopher Lee was a true fan of The Lord of the Rings.

Years later, he would arrive in a galaxy far, far away to join the dark side of the force, playing Count Dooku in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Y Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SithInterestingly, Peter Cushing would also be part of the George Lucas universe, bringing Tarkin to life in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hopewho years later would be revived with CGI in rogue one with Diego Luna as the protagonist.

Although neither of them participated in Halloweenthe truth is that their careers continued to reap great successes, however, It would have been incredible to see them work hand in hand with Carpenter. At the very least, Lee could say that he was the only member of The Lord of the rings who knew JRR Tolkien and I bet the same director of the thingI would be a little envious.

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The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor who refused to appear on ‘Halloween’