‘The Little Mermaid’ debuts strongly at the box office and dethrones ‘Fast X’ but Ariel beats it in China

The little Mermaidapplauded by critics and the public as the best live action from Disney, It has triumphed at the box office in its theatrical release, albeit with nuances. The film, starring Halle Bailey, has succeeded in dethroning Fast & Furious 10 at the box office in the United States, and it is expected that in this long weekend of memorial day in North American territory it managed to raise more than the film starring Vin Diesel in almost two weeks.

A great premiere for The little Mermaid although far from Aladdin and with the shadow of the film’s failure in China and other territories

The little Mermaid debuted with great strength during its first weekend in the United States, adding 117 million dollars on his debut. They are good numbers for a Memorial Day in the North American territory, surpassing what was achieved aladdin four years ago, a tape that reached 1.050 million dollars. But there are nuances. Variety believes that it will have a hard time staying in the international market due to the lack of trade names such as the case of Will Smith in the aforementioned live actionbut what is clear is that it has managed to surpass the rooms at fast and furious 10which has grossed $512 million worldwide since its world premiere.

The film does good numbers but in the international market it does not shine: in China it is a failure

Vin Diesel and his people have become strong in the international market, a scenario in which it is not doing so well for The little Mermaidespecially in China, where it could be said that it has experienced a historic failure raising 2.63 million dollars throughout the weekend, without being among the most viewed or grossing in the vast majority of territories. In total numbers, The little Mermaid has raised 68 million dollars, not very brilliant numbers, reaching a total of 185 million adding to what was achieved in North America.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 it ranked third in revenue with 20 million dollars, which raises its global amount in the US to 300 million, which, added to the 418 million obtained in the territorial market, achieves 723 million dollars for Marvel.

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‘The Little Mermaid’ debuts strongly at the box office and dethrones ‘Fast X’ but Ariel beats it in China