“The last Duel” and its epic trailer: The duel to the death between Matt Damon and Adam Driver

The Last Duel, the last film directed by Master Ridley Scott already has a first epic trailer. In terms of image and photography, the truth is that this story it does not seem like a minor work of the filmmaker, but a clear commitment to achieve several nominations for the great prizes of the circuit. In the trailer for more than two minutes, we can see how a 14th century gentleman named Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) is going to fight to the death against his squire Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) after Carrouges’ wife accused Carrouges of raping her. Among its cast also stands out Ben Affleck, who plays Count Pierre D´Aleçon.

Affleck signs the script with Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener. Affleck y Damon, childhood friends, they already won an Oscar for best screenplay for signing the story of El indomable Will Hunting. Although now, they start from the original book The Last Duel: The True Story of French Medieval Combat written by Eric Jager. Production is also handled by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and Pearl Street Films and by Ridley’s production company, Scott Free Productions.

Historically, The Last Duel tells the story of the last duel to the death sanctioned in France. An epic, about a friendship turned into a rivalry for honor that ends is that trial by combat that was carried out in the past and that The only resolution was the death of one of the two involved.

Holodcener, Affleck and Damon in a joint statement they said this about their new production: “We chose to use how to tell the story from the perspective of various characters to examine the immutable fact that, although often several people experiencing the same event come up with different accounts, there can only be one truth ”. The Last Duel will be released in theaters on October 15.