The Kiss of God: Film about the love of the Mass arrives in theaters in America

The founder of the International Catholic Film Festival, Gaby Jacoba, announced the premiere of the film “Kiss of God”, about the love of the Mass, in American theaters.

The Documentary film It is directed by Pietro Ditano and one of the leading actors is Pietro Sarubbi, who played Barabbas in the film “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Guibson.

In addition, the Catholic producer and actor Eduardo Verástegui is in charge of narrating the film and songs by the tenor Andrea Bocelli will be included as part of the soundtrack.

Speaking to EWTN News, Jacoba said that Ditano made the film “after a conversion process.”

“The Lord called him to make this work of art,” he added.

In addition, he said that Sarubbi’s performance in the documentary is really “amazing”.

He noted that the goal of the film is to help the faithful fall in love with the Mass and the Eucharist. He explained that the film shows the process and “all the depth that the Holy Mass has”, and highlights the importance of each “liturgical moment”.

In addition, he said that “very important personalities” participate who speak about “the mysteries of the mystical depth of each moment of the Holy Mass, especially the culmination, which is the Holy Eucharist.”

“So I think this movie is going to move the heart very strongly,” he stressed.

Jacoba reminded the faithful that “the Holy Mass is the center of our faith, it is the center of our spiritual life through the Holy Eucharist.”

However, he stated that “sometimes [los católicos] We do not know the depth of what is lived, from the beginning to the end”.

In that sense, he said that this new documentary can help not only to learn more about the Mass and its parts, but also to “love and live the Mass more deeply.”

He specified that the film can be of special help for catechists, since it can be used as “an instrument” that helps children, young people and even adults, to “understand and recognize the treasure that we have in each Holy Mass”.

Jacoba said that the film will be released throughout September in various countries in Latin America and Central America.

He explained that the film was already released in Spain two months ago and in Colombia last week, and that in the latter country it had “an incredible success.” “The people who go, leave very touched from the heart. They are recommending her,” she added.

The film can be seen in Peru on September 15 in Cinemark theaters.

Its premiere in Mexico and Ecuador is on September 22; and in Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Uruguay it opens on September 29.

“We are going to be able to enjoy this incredible film throughout September in most Latin American countries. […] Live this film, because it will be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience”, he concluded.

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The Kiss of God: Film about the love of the Mass arrives in theaters in America