The kingdom won the Platinum Award for best miniseries at an emotional gala held in Madrid

Producer Marcelo Mosteirín and the team from El Reino upon receiving the award in Madrid

On a beautiful spring Sunday afternoon, you can only hear silence on the streets of Madrid. Worker’s Day and Mother’s Day agreed for the city to breathe a little more than allowed. As if some daring scriptwriter had determined that everything should happen at the same time, in the same place and for a single reason: that the ones who shine are the Ibero-American artists at the IX Edition of the Platino Awards, a meeting that becomes more established every year in a region always fertile for the production of fictions.

For the second consecutive year, the ceremony was held in the lush Municipal Palace IFEMA, but unlike the previous edition, it was lived in a more relaxed climate, with a Madrid free of masks at public events. The building is a multipurpose exhibition center that in recent times has enhanced its cultural opening. It is a glazed construction adjoining the Garden of the Three Cultures, which celebrates the union of Jews, Muslims and Christians. In the corridors on the ground floor, the grayish tone of the marble predominates, making the entrance hall even more endless. In the third level, the one that rules is the red one, where the stars paraded before the cameras of the continent and the eyes of the world. And in the auditorium Lali Esposito and Miguel Angel Munoz Are who command a gala that had no major surprises in the most important awards, but kept some gems to continue building bridges and stories between Ibero-American audiovisual production.

Joaquín Furriel and Najwa Nirmi, actor and supporting actress in miniseries
Joaquín Furriel and Najwa Nirmi, actor and supporting actress in miniseries

Of kings and patrons. In this scenario of favoritism, the Argentine miniseries The kingdom harvested three statuettes: as Best Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Seriesto the authors Marcelo Pineyro and Claudia Pineiro Already Joaquin Furriel as a supporting actor. And the speeches of the author and the actor were among the most celebrated by a very participatory audience. Furriel, whose award was announced by the China Suarezwas very moved when recalling the history of his family, so typical of the uprooting back and forth between Spain and Argentina, between civil wars and the crisis of 2001, and on the verge of tears he dedicated the award to “they are looking for a delusion”.

Javier Bardem (The good boss) and Blanca Portillo (Maixabel), the best actors of the IX Platinum Awards gala
Javier Bardem (The good boss) and Blanca Portillo (Maixabel), the best actors of the IX Platinum Awards gala

For her part, the writer gave the award to the public who had also awarded them the day before, and addressed herself especially “to those who were entertained and went out to debate the issues that the series deals with, especially the rights of women and dissent.” , in one of the most acclaimed speeches. The other satisfactions for the national industry came hand in hand karnawalthe movie of John Paul Felix which won as best debut film and added the Chilean Alfredo Castro as a supporting actor.

between the movies, the good boss ratified his credentials obtained from the Goya Awards and won the most important statuettes: film, director, screenplay (both for Fernando Leon de Aranoa) Already Javier Bardem as best actor for its celebrated and unassailable pharmaceutical entrepreneur July White. Bardem was moved by the award and dedicated it especially to his mother Pillar Already Juan Diego, the teacher of actors recently deceased and whose mourning was present throughout the entire gala. The best actress was another strong name on the Spanish scene as White Portillo thanks to its composition Maixabel.

Fernando León de Aranoa, director of The Good Boss
Fernando León de Aranoa, director of The Good Boss

The protagonists were left for a very emotional Daniela Ramirez for his impeccable interpretation of Isabel Allende in Isabel and for a histrionic Xavier Camera, for Come John; while cAs a supporting actress, another favorite, Najwa Nirmi by Lto paper house another of the candidates, Aitana Sanchez Gijon, took the award for Parallel Mothers.

Master of ceremonies. Lali Espósito conducted with her usual ease and spontaneity, despite the scripted nature of these events, and for which she complemented perfectly with Miguel Ángel Muñoz. After what girl officially opened the gala with a very colorful dance and music corps and a slightly pop version of “Life is a carnival”, the Argentine and the Spanish entered arm in arm and ready to have fun and have fun. “That’s how you start a good party”said the Argentine, while behind her a square appeared as a timely setting, the symbol of the meeting for any latitude of the region, where ages, cultures and stories converge, which is one of the mainstays of the awards.

To lead by example, the Argentine and the Spanish gave sympathy and a sense of humor that infected locals and strangers. They danced boleros, tangos and rancheras and they played football for a while with a freestyler who marveled at his tricks. And at the risk of being the cover of newspapers and meme material, the former Almost angels He was encouraged to step on it and face it even with his shoes with heels.

Lali Esposito shone at the Platinum Awards

On a night of great stars, Lali had a moment of zenithal light just for her, when on stage dressed in a rubberized red pilot, which two dancers took off to reveal a sensual jumpsuit of the same color and gender. Haranguing the public and playing with the camera, Lali gave lecture on her magnetism showing for the first time before the public “Discipline”, one of his latest hits. A litmus test, another one, that the protagonist of sky red gives way to its global star.

Of memories and solemnities. Averaging the meeting, the Spanish Alvaro Morte and the Mexican Karla Souza They took center stage for the most heartfelt moment of the gala. Like two hypnotists, they looked around an audience in deep silence that did not know where they were going to lead the story. They stopped first at Joaquín Furriel, who was asked to take out a box under his seat where he discovered a clock symbolizing time; then they did the same with Luis Tosar to discover a poster with the word peace written in 50 languages; Maribel Verdu assigned a key as the entrance and exit door to the emotions and they ended up in Mercedes Moran with a pen as a weapon to be able to tell stories.

To finish off the picture, specially placed blue and yellow banners were arranged at each seat to build a mosaic in support of Ukraine. The talents raised their arms but the slogan was not completely clear, until the Teacher he resorted to all his tricks to fix the matter: “Ibero-America for peace”, was the legend that was formed at the top of the Ukrainian pavilion.

Carmen Maura received the Platinum of Honor
Carmen Maura received the Platinum of Honor

And in the same reflexive plan, exploiting to the maximum the margins of comedy between which the gala oscillated, two of the most representative figures of the Spanish scene took the most heartfelt looks. One was in the papers, one moved carmen maura, which received the Platinum of Honor that had been announced the day before. And if on Saturday noon she had given many of her humorous twists in the meeting with the press, her presence in front of her colleagues made her more sensitive.

As an ambassador, and before an audience that didn’t even dare to blink, the protagonist of Ay Carmela! He expressed all his gratitude to fellow professionals in different countries of the region and to a trade to which he gave his life. “You can be rich, poor, good, bad, even kill! And then you can go to sleep.” summarized.

The other surprised in every way, because her presence was not in the plans and because of the version she chose to sing an all-time classic. The great Ana Belenin tune with the anti-war spirit of the award ceremony, performed “I only ask God”, the anthem of Leon Gieco, that started slowly and raised energy and rage, as if making it force it to go higher and further. Because that is also what art is about, the effort of men and women to build a better world.

All winners of the Platinum Awards 2022:

best fiction film

The good boss – WINNER

parallel mothers


Fire night

best address

Fernando León de Aranoa – The good boss (Winner)

Iciar Bollain

Pedro Almodovar

Tatiana Huezo

Best Male Performance

Edward Fernandez

Javier Bardem – The Good Boss (WINNER)

louis tosar

Rodrigo Santoro

Best Female Performance

Angela Molina

Blanca Portillo – Maixabel (WINNER)

Ilse Salas

Penelope Cruz

Best Supporting Male Performance

Alfredo Castro (Karnawal) – WINNER

Christian Malheiros

Manolo Solo

Urko Olazabal

Best Supporting Female Performance

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Parallel Mothers) – WINNER

Almudena Love

Ana Cristina Ordonez Gonzalez

Milena Smith

best animated film

Ainbo, the amazon warrior (WINNER)

Bob cuspe: we don’t like people

Save the tree (Zutik!)


best documentary film

100 days with the aunt

To the Last Forest – WINNER

who prevents it

Rita Moreno: just a girl who decided to go for it

Best First Fiction Film

Clara alone

Karnawal – WINNER


No particular signs

Prize for cinema and education in values

The Wolves – WINNER



me girl, me princess

best original music

Alberto Iglesias – Parallel Mothers (WINNER)

Cesar Lopez

Kenji Kishi Leopo

Zeltia Montes

Best screenplay

Abner Benaim

Fernando León de Aranoa – The good boss (WINNER)

Henrique Dos Santos, Aly Muritiba

Iciar Bollain, Isa Campo

Best mounting direction

Germano de Oliveira – 7 Prisoneiros WINNER

Nacho Ruiz Chapels

vanessa marimbert

Yordi Capo, Carlos Espinoza, Samuel Kishi

best art direction

Angelica Perea

Antxón Gómez – Parallel Mothers (WINNER)

Cesar Macaroni

Sandra Flores, Alejandra Garcia

Best Director of Photography

Kiko de la Rica – Mediterranean (WINNER)

Pau Esteve Birba

Sayombhu Mukdeepro

Sophie Winqvist

best sound direction

Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr – Memory (WINNER)

Carlos Garcia

Ivan Marin, Pelayo Gutierrez, Valeria Arcieri

Lia Camargo

Best Motion Picture Miniseries or Television Series

The Kingdom – WINNER


Luis Miguel: the series

Narcos: Mexico

Best Male Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Chinese Darin (The Kingdom)

Dario Grandinetti (Iron)

Diego Boneta (Luis Miguel: The Series)

Javier Cámara (Come on Juan)

Best Female Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Candela Peña (Iron)

Daniela Ramirez (Isabel)

Maribel Verdú (Ana Tramel. The game)

Mercedes Moran (The Kingdom)

Best Supporting Male Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Alberto San Juan (Kings of the night)

Enriq Auquer (Perfect Life)

Joaquín Furriel (The Kingdom) – WINNER

Karra Elejalde (The Fortune)

Best Supporting Female Performance in a Miniseries or TV Series

Maria Pujalte (Come on Juan)

Najwa Nimri (The paper house) – WINNER

Nancy Dupláa (The Kingdom)

Rosa Maria Bianchi (Monarch)

Best Creator of a Miniseries or TV Series

Alejandro Amenábar (Fortune)

Juan José Campanella (The Envoys)

Marcelo Piñeyro, Claudia Piñeiro (The Kingdom) – WINNERS

Pepe Coira (Iron)


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The kingdom won the Platinum Award for best miniseries at an emotional gala held in Madrid