The incredible transformation of actress Halle Berry after 9 years of X-Men

Halle Berry was one of the fan-favorite stars who enjoyed the early X-Men movies, after playing Storm. The last time she was seen with her role was in 2014 and now that 9 years have passed and there is talk of a possible return, the actress looks unrecognizable.

In the early 2000s, the film franchise X Men it was Marvel’s first major superhero franchise. The X-Men movies were made by 20th Century Fox, not Marvel Studios, so they exist outside of the MCU. That void has never stopped X-Men fans from flocking to theaters to see the next installments. Whether your favorite character is Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Jean Gray (Famke Jansen), Magnet (Ian McKellen) or Mystique (Rebecca Romijn), the movies offer interesting, if not always faithful, adaptations of Marvel’s greatest mutants.

Throughout the first trilogy of X Men, the four sequels and the Wolverine trilogy, some recurring elements take us back to the beginning. To describe it accurately, we’ve put together the following list of things that happen in every X-Men movie, not counting the two Deadpool movies, which don’t quite fit the timeline of events, and 2020’s New Mutants.

The actress Halle Berry He only played one role, but it was quite a surprise: Storm (Storm) aka Ororo Munro in the movie X-Men. The superhero film would give rise to the franchise, and Berry went on to play Storm in the next three more X-Men movies, but it was this first role that is most etched in her memory. Storm is a mutant who teaches at Xavier’s school (Patrick Stewart) for gifted adolescents. He can manipulate the weather with his mind, allowing him to control humidity and rainfall, create lightning, and even cause natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

When it comes to X-Men characters, there is no one more iconic among them than Storm, a strong and intelligent woman who became one of the first black female superheroes in comics. Although there are many characters, Halle Berry he was a central figure in the first two X-Men films, as opposed to later ones, in which the focus was on the younger mutants. It’s been 9 years since her last role as Storm in 2014 with the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, the star looks unrecognizable.

Halle Berry is still active in acting and her return to X-Men is rumored for Deadpool 3

Halle Berry seems to be preparing for her return as Storm

In a recent publication of Halle Berry in their social networkshas raised rumors of his possible appearance in the movie Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackmanwho has confirmed his presence. In the photo, she is seen with a signature Storm twist, in which she is seen with her black hair, but with some white highlights, suggesting that she might be back. In fact, Patrick Stewartwho already reprized his role as Charles Xavier in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” has also hinted that he could return to the mutant role.

Unfortunately, the movie Deadpool 3 is presenting some problems in its filming, after it was affected by the writers’ strike that has stopped much of Hollywood. All the spectators who met Halle Berry by X Men they look forward to seeing her return as Storm once more.

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The incredible transformation of actress Halle Berry after 9 years of X-Men