The incident that Gerard Butler suffered in his last film: “I was burning alive”

Gerard Butler is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood when it comes to action movies. ‘Assault on the White House’ or ‘300: The Origin of an Empire’ are some of his highest-grossing films and that consecrate him as a star. In his last film, ‘Plane’, the interpreter suffered a spectacular incident that he now recounts on the program ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’. “I was burning alive,” she recalls.

During one of the long days of filming, the actor had a small oversight for which he mistakenly covered his face with a substance that quickly caused a severe allergy in their skin. An itch that led to a significant itch for which Gerard Butler did not stop scratching and, consequently, expanded the reaction. “I was looking for something wrong with the plane’s brakes, and every time I took my hands out of the gear, they were covered in blood and some green fluid that I didn’t know what it was,” he says.

As Gerard Butler himself explains in ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’, it was a “synthetic variant of a hydraulic fluid” that the production used to land the aircraft that appears in the film.. “It is a derivative of alcohol and phosphoric acid,” he adds. The actor explains that every time he wiped the sweat off his face, “this substance got into the pores of my skin.”

“Suddenly, it was in my throat, in my nose, in my mouth, in my eyes. She was burning my face. Really, she was burning me alive ”, she continues to recount to the surprise of the presenter. “While I was burning, several pilots on the set told me not to put water on it, that it would be worse. And me meanwhile, burning alive “, he insists again. “And actually, it burned me for hours, but the sequence was great,” she concludes.

in theaters soon

The film directed by Jean-François Richet has a script written by Matt Cook, JP Davis and Charles Cumming. In the cast are, in addition to Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Yoson An, Daniella PIineda, Tara Westwood and Kelly Gale, among others. “The pilot must use all his ingenuity to take passengers to their destinations safe and sound,” reads the synopsis. He is expected to hit theaters in the coming months.

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The incident that Gerard Butler suffered in his last film: “I was burning alive”