The illusion: Frankie Muniz says that Bryan Cranston is already working on a sequel to ‘Malcolm in the middle’

We have already lost count of how many times there has been talk of a possible reboot or a revival of Malcolm in the middle. In fact, it is known that some of the protagonists of the original series that was broadcast from 2000 to 2006, do not dislike the idea at all and that there have been talks about it. And now, everything indicates that the project is not far from being completed.

In a recent interview, Frankie Muniz (who made the main character of the show) revealed -without giving many details- that his co-star Bryan Cranston is working on a script for bring to the show back.

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Bryan Cranston is working on a script for ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ says Frankie Muniz

It has been nearly 16 years since the last episode of Malcolm in the middle. That ending in which it is revealed to us that the family’s plan was always for the protagonist to study at Harvard to prepare and become President of the United States, was nostalgic beyond measure.

Already with so much time since then, surely more than one has come to mind the idea of ​​what happened to Hal, Lois, Reese, Dewey, Jamie and Francis in all these years. The good thing is that if all goes well, we could clear up that doubt in the not too distant future.

Malcolm in the middle comes to Amazon
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As we were saying, in previous years there has been talk of the possible return of the series to the screen. Even at some point it was put on the table that it could be with a movie. Although we do not know where everything is heading in broad strokes, what is a fact is that Bryan Cranston is working with everything to put together the revival…. or well that’s what Frankie Muniz revealed in an interview with Fox News Digital published last Monday, October 24.

“I know that to Bryan Cranston really likes the idea and is writing the script and making it all work. So there could be something. I would like to be 100 percent… But I don’t know, we’ll see what happensmentioned the actor who also gives car racing and who recently participated in the reality revival The Surreal Life.

Frankie Muniz says he sees the series differently now

In addition to the revelation that Bryan Cranston has a script in mind for the show’s return, Frankie Muniz spoke with Fox News about how he sees the show after so long. And he has been honest mentioning that he didn’t see it when it was booming and streaming back in the 2000’s… however, now he has taken time to see him with his family.

“When I was shooting the show, I was obviously a kid… We did seven seasons, 151 episodes. I didn’t really watch the show when it was running, but I’ve watched it with my wife ever since. [Vimos] all 151 episodes… I realized, ‘Wow, that’s what we were doing’… I can put aside the fact of being part of the show and see it as a fanFranky said.

“I would love to know what the family is doing,” added Muniz about his excitement to find out what fate had in store for his fictional family on that show. And obviously, we also want to know what’s up. Since we are nostalgic, Here We tell you the origin and where the references of the popular opening of the series come from.

The rumor about his memory loss

Beyond Malcolm in the middle, Frankie Muniz in the interview with Fox about that rumor that for a long time went viral on the internet about his memory loss. And as he has said on previous occasions, he reaffirmed that everything was due to various media and social networks taking all this to an almost tragic level.

I think much of the conversation about my lack of memory was… maybe exaggerated, more than it really is. I think when I reflect now why there are so many things that I maybe forget, or forget things that I did when I was a child [porque] I was doing so much. She worked maybe 13 hours a day and flew all over the world. You know, I was always very busy and it’s hard to absorb everything. It’s hard to take it all inMuniz said.

So there you have it. In reality, memory loss is not due to a health condition as many thought at the time. what a thing

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The illusion: Frankie Muniz says that Bryan Cranston is already working on a sequel to ‘Malcolm in the middle’