The grand finale of The House of the Dragon is inspired by two films

This could be an ancestor of Derek Zoolander making some kind of Blue Valyrian Steel.

This could be an ancestor of Derek Zoolander making some kind of Blue Valyrian Steel.
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The House of the Dragon its first season is over, and what a season it has given us. Betrayals, conspiracies, deceptions, brotherhood, tragedies. The series in its first part has that more chaotic but fascinating side of Game of Thrones, explaining the relationships that exist, the ones that matter, and how everyone seems to betray each other sooner or later. But he also wanted to say goodbye in style, with a heart attack ending.

One of the directors of the series has explained exactly what inspired that ending.

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Of course, I am referring to the tense battle (can it be called a battle?) between the dragon princes Aemond Targaryen and Lucerys Targaryen. The tragic end of the episode brought with it the death of the young prince Luke, devoured by the gigantic dragon Vhagar, a dragon with many years of life and many battles under his belt, in front of the young dragon on which Lucerys was flying.

Every minute at the end of the episode was tense. Since Lucerys leaves the Baratheon castle and her dragon seems to tell her, with pure body language, “come up, come up, this is going to get very ugly.” The sequence, while tragic, is flawless, showing that although dragons are bound to their riders, they too are independent and can be very proud.

In an interview with ewdirector Greg Yaitanes explained that one of the heads of the series, the showrunner Ryan Condal wanted the series finale to feel like Game of Thrones. “Make this a scene in the style of Game of Thrones, let it be an example of everything this series has to offer”, he asked. And without a doubt that she achieved it, beyond the tragedy, this death will unleash the war that is the backbone of the series. To achieve this, Yaitanes confesses that he was inspired by two films:

“When I was preparing, I watched the first movie of How to Train Your Dragon (How to train Your Dragon), because the director of photography Roger Deakins participated as a consultant on that film, so he wanted the scene to be impressive in photography.

But I also saw the first jurassic-park, because in that film there is a sense of scale and size of the dinosaurs that I think no other film in the saga has achieved again. Spielberg knew that he wanted the shots of him to show size, and I took inspiration from what made dinosaurs look so big and interesting. There’s a lot of jurassic-park in this final sequence.

Without a doubt, the most obvious moment would be the one in which Vhagar flies over Lucerys’s young dragon and their size difference is represented in detail. But for me the most jurassic-park of the episode, the one that made my hair stand on end and very nervous, is just when Lucerys arrives at Baratheon castle and behind a huge wall, Vhagar raises his head and makes a roar. That moment transports me to the mythical scene of the appearance of the T-Rex in jurassic-park. It feels imposing, indestructible. Like a whole building with wings and flames coming out of its mouth. What a great season finale. [via[víaEntertainment Weekly]

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The grand finale of The House of the Dragon is inspired by two films