The first trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie has a good response among fans

Super Mario Bros: The Movie has a good reception among fansdespite the controversy over Chris Pratt’s English voice and the petitions for giving the leading role to Charles Martinet -voice of Mario and many other characters from this universe-. The first trailer was shown a few days ago in a special Nintendo Direct dedicated exclusively to the production of Illumination and Nintendo, and the feedback has been very positive.

The video shows us two scenes, a first with Bowser attacking the penguin castle and a shorter one with Mario entering the Champin Kingdom. While Jack Black has been praised for his portrayal of the villain, Pratt has received more criticism because he makes little effort to change his toneor in giving an Italian accent similar to that of Martinet.

However, the main YouTube channels with the English version -Illumination, Nintendo of America, Universal Pictures UK, Universal Pictures Australia and Movie Trailers Source- show an overwhelming number of likes versus dislikes. This weekend they accumulated more than 23 million views, with 774,447 “likes” and just 37,075 “dislikes”, that is, 95.4% of positive evaluations. The first trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie -before the redesign- it only had 39% “likes” when it reached 12 million views, which forced a more traditional redesign that ended up enchanting the fans -97.7% of “likes”- and giving rise to a third movie plus a series of Knuckles.

It opens in theaters in March 2023

We know little more about this film than, logically, confront Mario, Peach, Luigi and the rest of the characters with Bowser’s plans. It will premiere in March 2023.

While in English it will have a cast that includes Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day, Seth Rogen and more, in Spain -if there are no changes regarding the trailer- Bowser will have the voice of Fernando (Nano) Castro Y Mario la de Guillermo Romero, regular actor of Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. Juan Antonio Soler lend his voice to Toad and Pablo Adn to King Penguin.

In the Latin American version Ral Anaya (the Master Chief in the saga Halo) be the voice of Mario, while the cast is complemented by other renowned voice actors such as Hector Estrada (Dr. World in League of Legends) as Bowser, miguel angel ruiz (Obab in in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm) as Toad, Robert Carrillo as Kamek (additional voices in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2) Y mauritius prez (Frank Woods in the saga Call of Duty) as King Penguin.

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The first trailer for Super Mario Bros: The Movie has a good response among fans